Monday, March 27, 2017




TUESDAY : For some of you, you can have some weird conversations with others, or off the wall topics or even random topics with this energy. For others of you, you can make some surprise discovery, or you could even surprise yourself on what you can do. You can learn something new today even though you don't have the patience to do so. You do well learning things in small increments or in a small amount of time 

WEDNESDAY: I feel with this energy, you can be making plans for the future in regards to money and career. You get more done today when you plan things out or even schedule what you are going to do today. At this time you can be privy to certain information. For others of you this is truth being revealed with this energy. 

THURSDAY : Watch your emotional self today. There can be some major changes because of cause and effect energy. For others of you this is getting out of restrictive situations going on in your life. You are more about your freedom at this time. For others you , you could be more about your freedom so be told what to do at this time can be a struggle for you. For others of you this is thinking about ways to make money .Mind on the money and the money of the mind 


TUESDAY: What ever you have been repressing is going to come out. You can even say how you really feel with this energy.For others of you , you don't take "No" , very easily it's not a good excuse for you. You need the whole story with this energy or you might go finding the truth or digging it up, where are those receipts
WEDNESDAY: This can be a popular energy time for you, or this can be a luck time if your based on your reality play lotto win $5 dollar ticket. For others of you, you could find people agreeing with you. You could find more likes on your comments and people agreeing with you more on social media. OR you can find yourself getting along better with people you normal don't get along with 
THURSDAY:I feel for some of you, you could be a bit aggressive when it comes to love. You could be wooing someone new. Try not to shove down your views down people's throats.Or you might find that you might have to keep it humble today. Allow management to tell others what they are doing wrong. Even if it's not today because if you say something than your being bossy or on top of them 


TUESDAY: For some of you, you could be fighting with others who have different ways of doing things. For others of you , you can be having a falling out with someone in your life. You are more about your freedom than ever with this energy. For some of you this can be quitting a job or a relationship. This is part of ego because this is you needing control, or not seeing the changes that you want . So try today to rise above the astrological influence of this energy     

WEDNESDAY:For some of you, you can be impressing important people at work with this energy. OR you can benefit from those with power, they can pull some major strings for you, or even help you grow. For others of you, you benefit through others. For others this is a time of change, but it's such a big change coming up that  it's slowly happening because thats how profound the change is going to be     
THURSDAY: Regardless if your receiving recognition or not I feel emotionally this is a good day for you. I feel with this energy for some of you , you could be receiving some much needed good news . For others of you this is making plans with friends for the weekend.  For others of you, you can be stepping out of your normal routine today and doing something different. 


TUESDAY: Expect the unexpected with the people in your life, who ever needs to leave let them. For some of you this can be new beginnings and starting a new chapter in your life, or a new direction. At this time people in your life implement these changes. So this can be with career and all of a sudden they pick you to grow with them. Today your being asked to adapt to the changes that are happening 
WEDNESDAY: Again emphasis on profound change happening to some of you.This can be with health or with career with this energy. For some of you, you don't realize your own power. You don't realize how much you affect the people around you. For others you , you tend to make the right decision
THURSDAY: You need to watch what you say to others. Other people may not agree with your point of view or your opinion. For others of you, you can be more concerned with what other people think.Watch your emotional self this can be an overwhelming time for you, or a confusing time for you emotionally   

♌ LEO 

TUESDAY:You can feel restless with this energy try not to take it out on others. For others of you , you could feel like you need more in your life. You have the energy to get things done. You have new opportunities coming up but your not so quick to jump or make changes at this time or at least not today. 
WEDNESDAY: Moon in taurus is forming a beautiful earth trine . A great time for job interviews, business and career. For some of you this energy gives you the physical energy to get things done. For others you might feel like you have the midas touch with business.For others what ever difficulties in certain areas of your life that you had. This is an opportunity to work on those difficulties and make things right again  
THURSDAY : For some of you, you are more about taking it easy today. For others of you this is working smarter not harder. For some of you, you are focusing more on your relationships. Especially those you don't get along with or been having difficulties with . For others of you, you are not about the petty drama nor do you want to get involve   

TUESDAY : Relationships today can be fragile so careful with your relationships in general. For some of you, dispute at this time can cause family separation or difficulties with roommates.At this time, solutions come to you really easily when you aren't focused on your own problems.
WEDNESDAY:  Disagreements can happen with this energy because of the choices you are making. At this time in your life. Your soul needs to go through this experience because it could be it's lesson or you may truly know what is best for you.. With this energy you speak more of your truth and you can be more honest at this time. But know that being vulnerable is a way to let others in so you have to learn to stay 
THURSDAY: With this energy be open minded to new ways of doing things. You tend to be stuck in your way of thinking. Your communications skills are very strong with this energy. Great energy for those of you in sells. You have the ability to talk your way into and out of everything . You can even make people see it your way with this energy 


I feel in order for order to reign disorder has to come down. Nothing is going to get better until the rain comes. This energy is going to show you which areas of your life you need to change.  You have allot of energy in your fourth house . There could be a turn of events with property matters, family matters or with business. For some of you this can be unexpected repairs on the hom. 

For some of you, you could be getting closure with certain relationships. For others of you , you are speaking your truth and people are listening to your truth. Your words are very powerful and convincing but in a good way. This can be a great time to get others on team Carebear. 


This is a great energy to bond with your children today or even with parents. You are more understanding with your relationships and you are able to see where other people are coming from . You make a great listening ear. I feel with this energy, you are able to read other people's feelings. You are very empathetic towards but don't take on problems that aren't your own   


TUESDAY : For some of you reinventing the emotional self, or even changing your habits . Unexpected changes can happen in your personal life today. You need to be careful how you talk to others because your in a serious mood. Or you allow things to upset you for no reason today, or because you are waiting for other things in your life to happen. 
WEDNESDAY : Moon doesn't do well in Taurus. You tend to be moody towards others because you prefer to focus more on your goals or wants rather than your relationships. For some of you , you tend to be more to yourself and with your thoughts. Others may not understand this need for silence or emotional disconnect and could be trying to get in by asking you questions. You do have a beautiful earth trine , you could be hearing from some one unexpected or you could be receive some unexpected good news
THURSDAY : Still dealing with that beautiful earth trine, for some of you, your intuition is guiding you to the right person. I feel with this energy for some of people in your life provide deeper insight into your situation or why you do things you do . For others of you, you create a deeper connection with the people in your life. For others of you , you provide emotional transformation and growth for others. 


TUESDAY : You need to watch your emotional self and try to enjoy yourself with this energy. You take things to personally or you could be micromanaging people in your life or situations instead of being more in the moment. For others of you, you can be on top of your children or those who are young than you so try to give them more of their space   

WEDNESDAY : Moon in the sign of Aries still expect the unexpected with this energy. This can be with your relationships or love relationships. This can be new people coming into your life and this can be people leaving your life. Be based more on facts, and reality don't go assuming with this energy

THURSDAY : You could feel like others are taking advantage of you or walking all over you. I know you want to keep the peace but you need to let them know how you feel with couth involved. With this energy, you can be a bit lazy or you could be breaking your diet with this energy, for some of you this can be your cheat day. For others of you difficulties with mother, or you can be missing mother today, or this can be a separation with mother or the women in your life. You could be thinking about them today.   


TUESDAY : For some of you, you are a force to be reckon with . I feel that you may put you foot down on certain things , or you dont allow others to get away with things with you. You tend to speak your mind a bit more loudly today. So careful how you speak towards others because you'll regret it latter on . At this time you are all about you and doing you. 
WEDNESDAY :  For some of you, you could find people in your life tend to down play your plans or things you want to change. This could be because you take your time about doing it rather than starting on it or you talk about it and nothing transpires from it. Or they don't want to put the evil eye on it  or energy on it so it can manifest into your life. What it comes down too your not going to get the reaction that you wanted

THURSDAY : You could be feeling a disconnect with certain relationships in your life. Your trying to look for common ground or you could be reevaluating this relationship. I feel also with this energy, it bring opportunities for new love coming in, or just some really heavy good pillow talk the type you go to sleep early and try to remember everything. Or this can be planning your weekend , you can find lots to do with friends this weekend 


TUESDAY : Unusual events can help broaden your perspective . For some of you, you are ready to make emotional changes in your life, or this can be with your life direction. At this time , you make an  attempt to change what you feel is limiting you. Trust your feelings because they are showing that change needs to be made, or where you need to be more flexible with others  

WEDNESDAY : You need to slow your way of thinking. You can be feeling restless with this energy, you might even say things you really don't mean with this energy. Don't be so quick to jump with the first thought you have . Get a second opinion today or even slow down your thoughts by really thinking about what you are saying.      

THURSDAY : Good news is coming up with this energy, or you can benefit through family members at this time. For some of you the people in your life provide the emotional security that you are looking for . Trust that they can handle it and take care of the situation. For others of you this can be getting your housing situation in order, or this can be money starting to come into your home business and actually saving money   


TUESDAY : You have the energy to get things done with this energy. For others of you speak your mind a bit more, and your more honest about your feelings. For some of you this is a powerful time in your life things in your life can start to turn around . For others of you this can be money problems causing problems with your love relationship. At this time don't point the finger or play the blame game. They are in their place of lack with this energy 

WEDNESDAY : If you been feeling like nothing is going on in your life and it's been slow with business or with hours at work . Things can start to pick , you could find this to be a busy time for some of you. OR you could be moving forward at this time and everything is now and fast, fast. If the energy has been stagnate that's going to start to change today
THURSDAY :Not the best energy with the moon in your third house with Taurus. You can be focus on projects or other things going on in your life. Any interruption you tend to get snappy with others. For others this can be revamping your website, or revamp an old structure and doing things differently