Friday, June 16, 2017


You can be more of a create of comfort with this energy. You can be more about your play with this energy. A great day for signing contracts, or for negotiations. For some of you this is good news about getting a job. For others of this is getting along better with those around or that you work with. Watch your waistline today because you can be a bit indulgent and watching your spending
For some of you, you can be very lax today and maybe more about your play with this energy. With this energy , you tend to believe your friends more, or you can be inspired by others with this energy. Your very trusting at this time, and others are able to convince you of their way of thinking or doing things
You can feel left out by some of your friends or coworkers with this energy. You can be very sensitive as the past reminds us that we aren't over certain issues. Try to acknowledge these issues and that they have nothing to do with the current situation. But all to do with what happened during childhood or certain friends, whom you thought were friends. Let go of that feeling of rejection
Trust your intuition today with this energy. You can feel inspired to start a new project or goal with this energy. For some of you , new love can come through a group setting like work, or a social event. For others of you, you can have deeper bond or understanding with someone at work or one of your friends.

You may have to focus on health today and be more conscious about your health issues. But at the sametime you want to go back into your routine and old ways of doing things. Today you could be fighting with yourself . With what you know you should do and what you want to do .  You can be a bit lazy or more about your play today. Self discipline is needed today.

For some of you try to be more about facts , talk is cheap today , seeing is believing with this energy. For some of you, new love can get hot and heavy and burn out quickly so pace yourself . For some of you , you know what people want at this time , and you can read others today. This is going to help you better understand the needs of others
Self discpline is going to be needed with this energy. If your trying to diet , it may not be easy breaking old habits.For others of you, you can be difficult to compromise with , because once your mind is made there is no changing it. For some of you, you could have others testing you and sweetening the deal so you will change your mind. This can be an on again off again relationship. The person is not over but your over giving chances

You can be making some major changes decisions based on your emotional. So careful with the decisions you make today. This can be ending a relationship but it's also your way of punishing the person. But I predict , if you do this person is going to close that chapter of their life, so careful with the reindeer games you play with others. Don't test people today

For some of you, you could be reevaluating relationships or a situation. You can be idealistic at this time with your expectations on certain things, and you might start seeing the reality of this situation but at the sametime you still want to move forward. You may have to reconfigure certain goals or your values at this time

You can be obsessive about certain things or you could be more in your head with this energy. At this time no change is going to be made so try to stay more in the present with this energy. For some of you, you may want to think about getting rid of emotional baggage , or letting go of past hurts that have nothing to do with your present. For some of you, your not over certain past hurts. You might never will be , rehashing them as many times as you want but it's still going to be there. And it can be destructive towards certain relationships. Work on letting go for the sake of certain relationships
Your money situation could be dictated by your emotional self. I feel that you allow your responsibility to get the best of you. For others of you this can be certain obstacles at this time that is slowing your progress for growth. Certain things at this time are testing your faith consciousness. AT this time work on aligning yourself your emotions with what you want. And detach your feelings to what you can't control

You may have to change your attitude towards the way your looking at your situations. Or you may have to look at your relationship a bit differently at this time. You can be a bit more in your feelings with this energy. Which is not good because your activating your Chiron who's not well aspected at this time