Wednesday, June 21, 2017


You need to cock those brains before you shoot that mouth off . You can be mad at this time because others aren't listening to you, or they keep coming to you with the same problems. All they want is someone to listen and dump on at this time . But you may not have the patience to listen to other people's problems especially when they aren't willing to listen to yours. You could be feeling certain situations are a bit unfair today.
At this time what ever it is that you are going after, you'll get it. People tend to take your side or see things your way today. For others of you this can be a great day for negotiations or compromise. Or getting along with certain people you normally don't get along with . It's difficult at this time to argue with you because your arguments or conversations today make allot of sense. For others of you people trust your advice and listen to you more

Moody, Dr, Jekyll and Mr, Hyde are out. You can be feeling like everyone is getting on your nerve today, or they don't realize or not acknowledging how much work you actually do. For some of you, try not to be on top of other people. Or using them as an emotional punching bag because your not having a good day. Or you don't feel like they do anything and you need to be reactive on them. At this time go more with the flow instead of controlling everything  

Keep your receipts aka paper trail at work. You can find that things can get revealed and also be a bit confusing today. You think you know someone now your really going to see how that someone is . If their story seems confusing they are probably lying or someone is lying today. Things will eventually make sense and add up and the truth will eventually come out
Watch your emotional self today. You can be wanting to do things your way and there can be power struggles or frustrations when it comes to getting your way. Don't get frustrated , your words and communications skill are very strong today. For others of you this can be a popular time with the media , or even communicating with friends and family with this energy. This can be you planning something but having a difficult time getting everybody on board with your idea or plans.

For some of you, you can be a creature of comfort. Or you can be sentimental or spending time with family or with your children. You can be more about your will being and positivity today. For some of you, you can find thoughts become things with this energy. For others of you this is avoiding certain people while being passive aggressive to them
For some of you difficulties with partnerships because your dealing with your own emotional hang ups. Or even the energy is revealing things that you refuse to look at . For others of you, you can feel that others are taking advantage of you. For some of you, you ever has to leave your life at this time let them leave. For others of you, people in your life maybe going through a lesson at this time , and may not be willing to listen to the advice that you give. OR the things that you say at this time may be far out their for them    

For some of you as above so below so watch your emotional self. This can be a fabulous day or this day can ride you like a bronco on a Tuesday, it's up to you. So try to stay at peace with this energy. Because the more at peace you are at this time. You'll attract the situations you want into your life. For others of you there is too much water in your chart at this time.  So you can be wanting to run away from your problems or you can be going into a depression  

You have a stellium in your 11th house. You could be receiving some second chances with opportunities, or revisiting old opportunities, or others from your past can be reaching out to you , to say "HI"> For others of you , this is trying to go back to  an old way of doings because that way worked for you before. For some of you, you can see a direction that you should be moving into but certain obstacles or things that you have to take care of first . Are more of a priority at this time

Change is happening for better or worst, it's just you reacting to a situation. You need to stop getting into power plays with certain people. Your allowing to much of ego to get the best of you. You want to be respect or acknowledge for what you do . But that might not be the case today. Others may not like your approach today on how you try to lead them or talk to them. You get more with honey than you do with vinegar  

You can be reactive today. Cock those brains before you shoot that mouth. You want to be heard and you want others to oblige by your rules or wishes. Only making them turn against you, or argue you harder with you. There could be certain frustration coming out at this time. That have nothing to do with your present but you need to acknowledge those frustration at this time. So things don't escalate  

You can be hard on yourself, and a bit of a perfectionist. Try to go more with the flow and be patient with others today. For some of you, you can be frustrated because things that your manifesting may not be coming to fruition at this time or you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is there situations are changing , you need to keep your faith and delve in your certainty