Sunday, June 18, 2017


A great energy for job interviews or to impress those at work. For some of you , you can be on top of your game. For some of you what ever you imagine today, you can bring into your reality. "You think it shall become. :-The Secret.  You do have a stellium in your third house, so try to keep things honest. For others of you be careful of not going into victim mode. You might not be so popular with your opinion or what you post on the internet. For some of you, this is not getting along with siblings or neighbors with this energy. So watch your words and try to be more proactive when dealing with others instead of reactive.

For some of you this is overcoming obstacles, or this can be good news with court. You can be empowering yourself or others with this energy. For some of you, you are about bigger picture and what is good for human kind. You can start projects at work or in your community to help others, the environment, or even volunteer. For some of you, you are able to open more about yourself, for others of you this is making new friends; for others of you, this is agreements or negotiations going your way
You can be sensitive to criticism or what other say. If your coming in with an agenda or a plan on how to use someone, it's not going to work today. Or you can be caught in some kind of  scandal today. For others of you, you could feel like certain people are using you, or you can feel that others are bossing you around a bit to much . For others this can be more freedom than usual and not having any structure so you have a difficult time knowing where to begin

For some of you the emphasis is on your friendships or your social life with this energy. For others this can be initiating new projects or being more about updating yourself with career. Thoughts of going back to school, or going back to school to get a licenses. For others of those in authority or management tend to help you out. And want to see you grow. For others of you, you could find that when you speak up change happens , and you begin  to move forward with the direction you want to go in
For some of you this is a great energy time to look for a job, initiate new business ideas, start creative project or start moving forward with career. You can be networking with all the right people at this time. For some of you this is growth with in career.  For some of you, you take more initiative . This can be new beginnings coming up for you this week in general. For others you are more in a leadership position with your field.

With this energy you do have a stellium in your tenth house. You need to go more with the flow with this energy, and not try to control others or what's going on in their life. For some of you this is a difficult time with love relationships, because you either want to control relationship. OR you want the other person to change which they will not. So what you see is what you get. For some of you in regards of career or business don't throw in the towel your patience and perseverance will pay off.  For others of you this can be a social time for you, or a popular energy time for you

At this time you can be receiving recognition or appreciation at work. For others of you this people in your life amazed by your talents or gifts. For some of you this is feeling ambitious at this time. And moving forward with certain projects or even revisiting certain projects at this time. For others of you, you are coming up with great money making ideas today. For others of you, this energy brings about an opportunity to travel  for work. For others of you, you benefit through travelling with this energy. For others this can be plans to travel
You want a certain amount of loyalty or respect from others. You might not be receiving that at this time. You can feel that friends or coworkers are leaving you out of group activities today. Watch your emotional aka the reactive self today. Don't allow these things to affect or react to them because people don't understand couth or politeness it seems. Just promises yourself that you wont treat others that way in the future. And maybe this is just a lesson for you to learn how not to treat others.  


For some of you a great day for business. For some of you, you may want to cock those brains before you shoot that mouth. Because some people maybe giving you the side eye, and processing what you just said. For some of you, your actions may have consequences they are just trying to figure out , what they should do with you.  This energy can bring some unexpected events with love relationships. At this time there can be some not so good news with court, or this can be with collaborations with others.

For some of you this energy brings about restless energy. For some of you , who ever has to leave your life at this time let them leave , this can be by your own hand. Because you may not feel like they have your back . Be about facts not your reactive self. Because you can take what others say to you as them attacking your character. When really they want to help. In kabbalah it talks about some times when we are not ready to listen or to change we react to it. Because their could be some parts of it that is true, or we aren't ready to hear that we need to change, or this can be trigger words from past and your allowing it to affect your present

For some of you, you benefit through others , for others of you  this unexpected good news, or even how the energy in your life changes quickly and for the better. For some of you this is your business turning around for the better. For others of you this is mastering a specific area of your life. For some of you this is starting on the right foot .For others of you , you can be put into a leadership position, or impress the right people.  

This is a great day for business for some of you. For others of this a great energy to get things done, work on your well being or focus on your health or a particular project. For others of you, you can be that go to person for advice. For others of you this is a great time for media or social media, as people are more willing to follow your tune. For some of you this can be cutting in line for a position in leadership at work. Or for some of you , you can see a quick shift in the way things are going in your life for the better