Tuesday, June 20, 2017


For some of you can be quiet and into your feelings. You don't want to talk about what's bothering you. For others of you this is feeling neglected by family members because they want to make everything about them with this energy. For some of you could feel threaten by others . You can be to competitive and questioning your self worth
Some of you , you can have a sense of loyalty or security in certain relationships. Friends can be there for you , or go out of their way and let you know they are there for you. You can feel certain people at work have your back, or could be sticking up for you . For others of you this can be a surprise engagement, or a lover can go out of there way for you and do something special or sentimental

Confidence sometimes meets humility, which ultimately can produce a positive outcome.For some of you, you could feel like your not appreciated at work, or others seem to be more nagging than usual.For some of you, you can be rehashing the past with others, and this is going to start up the same arguments. If you have an opportunity to do things differently what would you do different. For others of you, this person can be going back into their ways of doing things.

You can be sensitive to criticism, or you can be to much of perfectionist and beating up on yourself. Try to let go of these feelings because you are doing the best you can do allow other opinions of you affect you. Its okay to want to do a good job but you also want to be happy with your work , so try to relax more and don't put that kind of pressure on yourself.

For some of you, this is a very good time for business, for others of you this is having the energy to get organize and see new projects all the way through . For others of you , this is having the energy to clean your house or work on your health. For some of you, people appreciate your honesty today. For others of you this is things that you want flowing right into your life because you can be in good spirits today
For some of you , you could be conflicted whether or not you want to help someone that you know out today. For others of you, you aren't really open minded to trying new things but your curious enough to listen.  For some of you, you might not be getting along with the women in your life. I feel that they could feel like they do to much for you, and get little in return or feel like you don't appreciate them.    

Change is happening today. For some of you this can be people leaving your life.   Significant beginnings are possible at this time which may demand a total commitment.Circumstances may place you in positions of influence, although you may find your strength sternly tested. No matter what the situation, you generally learn a great deal about how to handle very demanding conditions. The tests that you undergo now can be very strenuous physically and in other ways as well. People in authority can serve to motivate you sometimes by their criticism and sometimes by their guidance.

For some of you, you could feel like some people need to be kissing your butt or giving you kudos or thanks. Don't allow that side of ego ruin your day. No body owes any one anything, we do it out of kindness.For others of you cock those brains before you shoot that mouth off. You can be reactive or impulsive in your decisions
You can be more in deep thought at this time with the changes that you want to make.  For others of you this can be working on the things that you 've been putting off. For others of  you,you have great determination to see things all the way through. For some of you, truth can be revealed today, or you can find out about someone's secret

You can benefit through friends in power or collaborating with others in regards to business, social media or the entertainment field . Second chance with love can happen. For others of you this can be recommitting yourself to a goal. You can have a karmic attachment to someone, meaning an on again off again relationship, or this can be friends you had a falling out with

For some of you, you can share a deep emotional experience with someone. For some of you a great time for media or social media. People are agreeing with your way of thinking. Today take time out to do something for yourself. For others of you, you be a bit indulgent and you can be obsess with certain things or even certain people in your life. Or you can ' t seem to stop watching a particular tv show today

Chiron is not well aspected today so watch your emotional self. For some of you chiron can be affecting your money situation because your not realizing your self worth. Stop focusing on what's not going on, and start  steering your thoughts in a more positive direction.  Watch for mood swings today, this can be a busy time with projects or with business. Or there could be lots going on so any wrenches throw in your way can affect your mood