Monday, June 19, 2017



You have that stellium in your third house opposing your ninth house. You can still be not getting along with neighbors, siblings or people at work. Try to be honest with people and what you put on job applications.For others of you actions speak louder than words with this energy. For some of you, you can be very creative with this energy. You can be more about your play at this time or for some of you, your video games. For some of you , you can be more about your inner child, and connecting with those who are younger than you or your children.    

Moon in Taurus, doesn't do well here. You can be a perfectionist at work, and want things a particular way. Careful with wrenches getting thrown in your way because you don't react well to wrenches. For some of you, you may have to be about other people's needs. For others of you, you could be fighting with family at this time, and not getting along with them. So try to compromise and bend for the name of peace 

For some of you, you can have difficult time getting along with an Aries person , or a dominating person. It's best to treat this person with passivity or to avoid this person as much as possible today. I feel that you need to avoid getting involve in gossip today. Or you could be getting baited into fighting. Try to avoid it because this person wants to fight with someone , and best to allow them to stay in their emotional hell.  

You can be indecisive when it comes to relationships. You want to be in a relationship but at the sametime you want your freedom. Learn to find freedom in your relationship. For others of you , you can be flipping on things that you wanted and now there finally here and happening. But it's not how you wanted it to happen. It's happening don't be picky about how it's happening, be greatful that is happening. Be thankful for the things coming don't complain about how they are coming in. 
For some of you, you are excited and ready for the new things or changes happening in your life. For others of you this is a sense of emotional transformation that you can feel.For others of you , in order to get something you have to give up something today. For some of you ,you can see sparks of miracles today. For others of you, new beginnings can happen with this energy, and for some of you sparks of miracles are happening 
At this time try to go more with the flow. Because your forcing any  energy to happen or you can be pushing someone into doing what they don't want or aren't ready to give you . For others of you, try not to be hard on yourself, and be forceful with energies that are out of your control. You need to relax more with relationship or going more with the flow      

For some of you, help for the sake of helping or don't help at all. For some of you this is delving into problems that are not yours and you may need to stay out or not give your opinion but actually help. For some of you this can be your views or your way of doing things can be unpopular at this time. Try to stay out of the gossip mill, it's fine to listen but don't repeat. For others of you , you could be whistle blower at work, and you can get allot of people in trouble at this time   

You have a stellium in your tenth house. For some of you this can be difficulty with family or not getting along with those in authority or father. You may feel that certain people don't have your back. You could be practicing some major patiences with others today. You may find that you have to handle others with kid gloves . For others of you, you are stuck in your way of doing things and you don't like when others start to tell you how to do things or how to live your life    

For some of you, you can be starting over in certain areas of your life. Or this can be endings coming up today and closing one chapter of your life. For some of you, you push as much as you can push now you have to allow the process of a situation to happen. For others of you, you might have to get organize because you may have to much on your plate today. 

For some of you could be reevaluating your life path or even the spiritual path your taking because your not seeing any results at this time. I know seeing is believing for you at this time. But you need to persist and see things all the way through. When Pluto goes direct and you don't see any changes than think about giving up. But until then you may have to do more or take your focus away from things that you put to much energy on    

For some of you, this can be a self empowering time or you can be more aware of your personal power. For some of you this is you being finish with particular chapter in your life. Or this can be your situation turning around for the better. For some of you this is a great time for media or social media, or even giving your opinion . Because other people are able to see your point of view and it makes sense.     

For some of you this is a great energy to get things done or work on yourself. For others of you this can be a busy time with business. For some of you, you could be questioning your self worth or reevaluating certain relationships at this time.For some of you, you can be questioning your purpose, or your true calling. Because your not seeing yourself grow, Or this can be things are not going your way right now.