Sunday, June 18, 2017


I feel at this time you want to make changes in certain areas of your life. For some of you this can be with career direction and for others this is with love. I don't feel like change will be made at this time. Feels like a more wait and see what happens with this energy. You do have an answer and it's Yes but your still going to think about it at this time. I feel what ever decision you do make the cards are telling me. That there is no going back after that decision has been made . For others of you this can be shooting your own foot off. So think things through at this time.
Major decisions are coming up for you this week . I see your answer is Yes but you could still be thinking about it. I feel this is a second source of income your thinking about it or even getting a second job. For others of you I see someone from your past coming back or even wanting a second chance with you . But you could be thinking about it going back to another relationship. Could it be the reason why they want you back because you have someone new?
For some of you, you could be thinking about past relationships or even hear from past relationships. I see relief coming to you this week, and things that you want finally work themselves, or your getting your way in a situation. For some of you this can be quitting your job or endings a relationship.For some of you, I see a positive shift in your reality. For others of you, this is focusing more on your business and business can start getting very busy. For some of you, you can be indulgent but your not overly indulgent on things.  For others of you I see dating at this time and meeting new people
For some of you, I see travelling for career, and you'll benefit through this energy. For others of you, I see you travelling for family or with friends. I do see the energy protecting this week. From any ups and downs that this week may bring you. For others of you this is having a deep emotional connection with those who are younger than or with your children. They could be allowing more into their life or sharing more with what's going on with them. This is a great week for things going your way, or you being a bit more popular at work or with the social media
I see money coming in but I also see you worrying about money with this energy. So your perception or the way you look at things needs to change. Because we do attract what we don't , so be aware of your thoughts this week. I do see good news coming up for you . This can be with career, and being told ,"you are being consider for a position." For others of you this is good news when dealing with the government or even with contracts.  For some of you, real research what you are getting involve with or what you want to do. Because the decisions you make there is no going back.

Follow your hunches when it comes to making money making ideas. For others you, stop focusing on your money situation. Because sometimes when we are focusing on what we are worrying or the lack . The universe says we have because we focus to much on it. So try to focus on other things or people in your life that makes you happy. So that boulder can be remove and money can flow again. For some of you can be more to yourself with this energy. I also see a situation resolving itself in your favor.
I see this week , when you give back the energy in turns gives back to you. Meaning when you help others for the sake of helping. The energy brings sparks of miracles or a situation resolving itself in in your favor.  For others of you this can be a second source of income being very good to you, or your business being very good to you. I see you teaching someone a valuable lesson today. For others of you this can be focusing more on your relationship. For some of you this love relationship is separated by distance so I do see you travelling to see your partner. Or you and your partner could be travelling and being on vacation .

For some of you this is wanting to get rid of negative or toxic people in your life. For some of you this can be a cleansing and cleansing the body. For others of you this is a time of getting rid of things that are no longer important in your life. For some of you this is a life altering experience for the better and you have no control of how quick and sudden the changes are going to be happen. For some of you, I do see you in court at this time fighting for what you want and you prevail. For others of you this can you being determined to get your way which you will eventually .  

I see major decisions are coming up, but I do see you not making a decision as way to get your way, and you will get your way. I do see peaceful negotiations are coming up. For some of you, I see good news with investment opportunities. Not only will your situation soon be clarified, there will be an absolute and finite outcome related to your discovery of the truth. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.
For some of you, keep your receipts , I see someone trying to throw you under the buss at work. Or this can be you involved in some kind of gossiping , stay out of it, because the other person is looking to twist your words. For some of you , I see apologies, miss opportunities coming back into your life, or this can be second chances with love relationship. Your not so quick to make decisions this week, as more information because available to you. And than by the end of the week or when all this information is made available will you make your decision.Once you make your decision you can't go back. I feel for others of you keep it humble at this time because your going to shoot your foot
This is a great time for love relationships. For some of you this is taking your partnership to the next level. For others of you this is starting a family or even signing contracts on property to make the relationship stronger. For others of you there is a sense of loyalty to each other. For some of you, I do see a move coming up but this can be for work. Or this can be a complicated situation where you need to a place to live temporarily before finding some place permit to stay. For some of you, you benefit through others with this energy. For others you are influence by other people in your life and they are making decisions for you at this time. For some of you this is  a great time for a move, or this can be a great time for positive changes with career. For some of you this is a contract job or a government job .
I see this can be a peaceful time for negotiations , court or contracts. For some of you this is a great time  for business or career with this energy.  For some of you this energy brings about a turn of events or the energy turning around for you, for the better. For some of you I see new love but this person can have their ways about them, red flag.  At this time I see endings for some and new beginnings for others this week