Monday, February 6, 2017


Moon in the sign of Cancer♋  Waxing Gibbous : about gaining, or beginning
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Expect the unexpect with your relationships. Who ever has to leave your life let them leave. For others of you, you can be receiving unexpected good news. With this energy you can be over the top with your spending and your ideas. For others of you this can be you over reacting and doing to much over a situation. Watch your reactive self today

For some of you , you can let bygones be bygones. You can put your difference aside in order for peace to rein or at least get your way. For some of you talks of what if's and what you would have done are coming. I feel with this energy today you can be full of ideas, but it doesn't mean your going to act upon them.

You need to watch your emotional self because you can make some bad decisions today . Like quitting your job because of certain people. For some of you, you can have the physical energy to get things done . For others of you this can be receiving good news. For some of you this is changing the emotional self, and working on your health.


For some of you this energy brings up ideas that you want to do . For some of you bouncing ideas with others. For others of you can be very giving with this energy. Careful with your giving especially with the new relationships in your life. Sometimes your giving nature is your intuition telling you this friendship will eventually end.  For others of you this energy brings about unexpected news .

With this energy, you are helping out others with their problems. For some of you this can be a popular energy time for you. People seem to want your help or advice. For others of you receiving positive attention to those in authority. For some of you , you consistency pays off. You are very determine to get your way with certain situations


With this energy you make work seem like play today. For others of you a great time for media or social media because your communications skills are very powerful. For others of you, you make allot of sense to other people in your life and you can be a great motivator with this energy. For some of you put yourself in other people shoes today.      


Mars is not well aspected today . For some of you check your natal chart, if your Mars is afflicted. You could find yourself getting involved in awkward communications with men or even just attracting aggressive people to you.Certain people can really test your patience with this energy. Don't engage or be on their level.  


At this time don't make promises you can't keep . For some of you, you could be talked into something that you don't want to do and you might be pacifying the other person by saying YES. Just to avoid a fight or feeling guilty. For others of you , you don't like to be tied down to contracts or certain business commitments so you have a difficult time give other people an answer.

With this energy expect the unexpected in regards to business , home, or property matters. For some of you need to watch your emotional self today. You take what other people say to personally or this can cause depression. For others of you unexpected good news is happening. Your hard work and perseverance is paying off.


Cock those brains before you shoot that mouth off and stay off the internet today. You can be reactive to certain comments. Don't expect everyone to agree with you, with your statements you make online. Pick and choose your battles with this energy. You can be a bit impulsive or not sugar coat things today so careful who you are talking too.

For some of you this energy brings a deep spiritual understanding or even deep insight into other people's problems or situations. This energy benefits healers, holistic healers, counselors, spiritualist, gurus, and life coaches. For others you have a difficult time getting things done because you are more about your social media life or even about your gaming world. Self discpline or taking time out of your day to get things done is needed


For some of you starting over in certain areas of your life today. For some of you, your hard work is paying off and this energy can bringing in unexpected opportunities or even positive surprises in regards to business or career.For some of you , you could be reinventing yourself either the physical self or the emotional self