Wednesday, February 8, 2017


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For some of you, you can think more outside the box, for others of you , you could  do things in the name of shock value. With this energy expect the unexpect in your routine. This can be a fun energy for spontaneous luncheons or friends pop over to say "Hi" you. For others of you this can be some much needed good news.  


With this energy you can be more focus on yourself , or your daily routine , or your home. For others of you, you can expect the unexpected today. For others of you, you can have the energy to get things done. For others of you change is happening today. Try to go more with the flow with this energy.


This  can be a very social time for you lots of communication going on with friends. For some of you receiving visitors or making plans to get together with friends  or family later on today.  For others of you watch your emotional self because you don't like to be told what to do . This can cause conflict with family or those in authority.


There can be power struggles or you can feel like others are being to bossy with you. For others of you , you can be on top of people at this time. IF they don't follow suite you tend to make  other people's lives a bit difficult. So try to relax today and go more with the flow.  For some of you , you can be more focus on career with this energy.


With this energy, you can be saying one thing and doing another with this energy. For some of you, you might bend the rules a little or even deceptive towards others. Try to keep things honest and open communications so others can be on the same page. For some of you this is a great time for communications, don't make promises you can 't keep or promise more than you can actually deliver with this energy. Your a big talker today


With this energy you benefit through partnerships today. For some of you , you are breaking out of your routine and doing something different today. This can be visiting a new restaurant or randomly calling the day off. For others of you, you can be trendy with this energy, or this can be a popular energy time for some of you with the social media. You can be playful with this energy.  


Unexpected events can happen today for better or worst. For some of you this can be the people around you going through drama. For others of you a turn of event with work or with relationships can happen today. Keep the energy cool and don't intrigue your thoughts because I feel you can throw yourself in a rage as soon as a crisis comes along or a wrench comes in your way


Watch your emotional self today, there can be a turn of events in your life that you are not going to like, or things may not going your way today with this energy. For some of you, you allow your pride to get the best of you. For others of you, you can be guided your intuition or you can benefit through others to help you or help you with your career  


For some of you , you could be at a cross road with what you want to do and your obligations. For some of you, you may not one to be responsible for others or be about others today. Remember you do have Saturn in Sagittarius so do on to others as you would have done on too you.  


Careful with this energy, I feel this can be your way or the highway attitude going on which will lead to major changes with relationships. You can get more with honey than you do with spit and vinegar. You can allow your pride to get the best of you with this energy. Knowing this you can always change the conversation or wait for another day.


Change is happening today, not the best day for communications with this energy. OR to be dealing with your feelings so stay out of them and off the line. But this is a good day for career with this energy.  For some of  you this is a time to think about changing some bad habits. Because the old way of doing things is not getting any where.


With this energy for some of you, you have an easier time getting into a routine, for some of you working on the emotional self , and for others of you focusing more towards your goals. This is a good time for business today. I feel with this energy, for some of you , you could be seeing positive changes happening with career, or business. For others of you, you are in a better headspace today