Wednesday, February 1, 2017




Change is happening this can be with family. Careful with what you say to others, powerstruggles are coming up. It's my way or the highway attitude which is going to initiate a response that you weren't expecting. Definetly separation or break up happening with this energy. Relationships are fragile in your life.  

I feel at this time you can be stubborn to change. You aren't open to new ideas because others are pushing their views on to you which is making you feel more like others are trying to tell you what to do or control your situation. This is part of your communication  to bend like a palm tree and be open minded to suggestion being made to you. Instead of fighting with this energy. Because sometimes when people are talking , it's really their angels or spirits and that why you can get so angry. Because it also means your not ready to change and grow something to think about today


Change is happening with this energy. This can be more towards personal and home life. For some of you good news is coming your way in regards to property matters, home business, or even with children.  For some of you this is good news with court as well. Your hard work and perseverance is paying off  

Change is happening today with this energy, for some of you this can be more towards your personal life or towards home. I feel this is more good news than bad for some of you. Because you do have a beautiful fire trine today.  For some of you , you are initiating changes at this time. For some of you , you have your internal traffic light set to green with this energy.


Watch your emotional self today. This has to deal with freedom versus commitment, or you might not be getting along with sibling or family member at this time.At this time don't commit yourself to anything that you don't want to do like working over time. For others of you this can be dealing with your parents and them trying to control you

With this energy you can be dealing with paperwork, or preparing paperwork for court, taxes, or trying to receive a loan. For some of you making situations you want to happen a reality. For others of you jumping on new ideas that you have and initiating them. You can feel on top of things and empowered


You can be aggressive when it comes to getting what you want, and you don't take no for an answer. Try not to be aggressive with others because it tends to turn people off.For others of you moving forward with career or business today. Pay attention to your dreams tonight you could be receiving a message from spirit world. When you go more with the flow , you'll see how the world opens up to you


For some of you, your time and energy can be spent on more towards family issues or moving or property matters, today. For others of you the focus is on your social life, or even your creative life. For some of you, you can have a difficult time getting any thing done because your mind is restless. Your thoughts are all over the place. Try to put your self on a schedule and see if that alleviates that energy, or try to work out


For some of you expect the unexpected today. You can be acting on impulse or guided by your intuition which will bring about favorable results. With this energy you tend to read into what other say or take what other people say to personally. Try to stay off the comment bar. For some of you, you might not like the people in your life agreeing with what someone else said, and you want others to be on team #Sagittarius  


Change is happening today. I feel this can be by your doing because you expect others to be loyal to you or have some kind of loyalty to you. Or you could feel like that you are the giver in the relationship or do to much for certain people. Instead of getting reactive  for this one incident this friend or coworker. Think of all the good they have done for you.  If the good out weighs  the bad before kicking people out of your life. Because you might be in the moment right now and reacting to the moment, it doesn't have to be that way. So think before making abrupt changes in your life


Emphasis on career, and money great day for business for some of you. Turn of events can be happening with  career or with those of you on social media. For some of you this can be a change of direction and starting over with certain areas of your life or career direction. For others of you not getting along with certain people at this time. Stay off the comment bar or avoid adding new people on your social media pages. Because they can be saying weird stuff to you that you don't like.  


Not  the easiest energy dealing with others unfortunately create your boundaries with others.Try not to get baited in conversation today because it's not going to turn out well. Don't give your opinion so freely because others are not going to like what you have to say or what they hear. The second house is not well aspected with your eleventh house. You have to learn to develop tougher skin and sometimes thats not easy. I'm in that boat with you