Tuesday, January 31, 2017


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waxing crescent moon in the sign of Aries: situations begin to move forward, initiating plans


Watch how you speak and talk to people , you get more with honey than piss and vinegar. You can be demanding today. But also you are action orientated so this is a good time to get things done, or start new projects. You might need to slow the train down and acknowledge other people's feelings. Try to come to compromise with others. Difficulties with the women in your life is possible today  


You need to watch your emotional self today. You can be acting out because certain situations aren't  going your way at this time. Or you can be more into your feelings today. Also with this energy, you are a bit more quiet about your problems and don't care to express them. Try to stay in the present because your head is not your friend today. Channel that energy into something positive like the law of attraction or even working out.

You can be guided your intuition with this energy. I feel at this time you might be eccentric in your way of thinking so careful with your money with this energy. For some of you can restart old projects or things you want to do but loss interest in. All of a sudden your revisiting that situation or trying it out again


Turn of events or game changers can happen today especially around work or career. For some of you, you can sense or see things starting to change with career or work. For others of you , you know what another person is going to do. You know what they expect from you. For others of you the focus is on property matters or family

For some of you today you need to use couth. You could be put in awkward position among friends, or a lover . You have to choose between them and what you want to do or who you want to hang out with . At this time don't make promises you can't keep today. Try to keep certain people out of your mouth because it might be showing favoritism . Or the other person might read to much into what you said today.

With this energy, it's more about others helping you at this time or being there for you. You can be forceful or speak up about what you do and don't want. You can be demanding. Temporary delays and frustrations are more than likely but this too shall pass.  


Big emphasis on relationships. You could be reevaluating relationships in your life, or you could be your own worst enemy when it comes to love relationships. Just because your feeling some kind of way right now, those feelings can change just as quick. Try to get a second opinion today. Relationships can change because of circumstances, or it was an escalation of things


Try to be on the right side of the law today , you may break some rules or may not want to play by other people's rules. For others of you, you can be extremely opinionated about your beliefs. But other people are entitled to theirs so try to bend. Not the best to be going on line voicing your opinion may not like what others have to say


With this energy you are not in a playful mood today and you can't take a joke. Knowing this try to go with the flow today and don't take what others say to seriously. With this energy when you are focus on other people's problems things seem to resolve themselves. For others of you, you can have some sparks of miracles or dumb luck happen    

This energy brings about good news your way. Your hard work and perseverance is paying off with this energy. With this energy you can be helping your children with their resources, or being more hands on with their situation. For others of you this is teaching others life lesson or on the job training  

Watch your emotional self today.  You can be impulsive in your decisions so try to get a second opinion. You need to learn to allow others to be entitled to their opinions and you are entitled with yours. Your opinion or ideas may not be the most popular ideas or point of views today. Difficulties or not getting along with the men in your life is possible

Emphasis on your second house today, there can be money matters or worries coming up with this energy. Also this can be powerstruggles or difficulties with those in authority.A great energy for those of you with social media. You can get along better with people at work or if you ask for help you shall receive it today