Monday, January 9, 2017




You have a trine with your north node. This is a time to move forward , you could be putting yourself on a routine or have the energy to get things done. For some of you, you have the energy to throw your energy into your work or into your goals. You could be feeling productive. For others of you feeling more confident because of good news coming your way


For some of you, your way of thinking may change with certain situations going on in your life . Things could be made very clear for you , and you are able to see better. For others of you sparks of miracles can happen with this energy. Truth can be revealed about someone in your life and it could be a game changer in a court situation , or even with work


This could be a social time for you at work or a social time for you in general meeting new people. For some of you, you are able to be creative and original at work. For others of you, you could have allot in common with the new people in your life. For some of you, you benefit through your relationships. For others of you a time for growth with career


 For some of you ,you are being guided by your intuition . For others of you , going out of your way for others and helping them out. For others of you could be going through changes with home, court or family today. Try not to put off what you can do today


Moon in Cancer is forming a trine today. You can be very ambitious with this energy or you could have the physical energy to get things done and to start new projects or goals. For others of you this is getting your paper work in order.I feel with this energy, you can also get to the heart of situations. You are very powerful with your communications, and you can find or dig some truth with this energy


You have a water trine , someone may teach you a new way of doing things. Other people can bring surprising good news to you. For some of you these energies bring about new beginnings or and ending of a situation. Spontaneous outings or others may surprise you today. Try to keep this energy positive today because this energy can ride you like a bronco on a Tuesday. And it is a Tuesday so watch your emotional self


Today brings about chaotic changes at work. People creating unnecessary drama at work. Truth can be revealed at work,or this could be people leaving and coming in. In business protect yourself when it comes to getting paid or even staff can turn on you, or be disloyal. The lesson with this energy you need to be more about your present and more aware of whats going on


With this energy you are being guided by your intuition. You can be impulsive breaking routine and being impulsive. But not crazy impulsive maybe taking a different route from work to home. Or randomly hanging out with your friends.  Or you can randomly contact friends or exs you haven't spoken to you in a while and reach out to them .


For some of you, you are focus on your goals and taking more initiative with what you want. You could have the physical energy to get things done with this energy. What ever you put your mind too you tend to accomplish it.  For some of you , good news coming your way with this energy. For others facing your fears and being empowered


Today is going to be a very busy today. You are going to need to learn to find time for certain situations or people in your life in order to create more peace and balance in your life. So ignore or don't give energy to anything negative or things or people you can not change. Because the important things in your life are calling or asking you for their attention so give it


You are more concern about work and other people. For some of you tend to be more of a worry wort today.  You are very creative with this energy, you could be guided more by your intuition. Your way of thinking could be a bit out there for others. Just be aware of your surrounding and to whom you are speaking too


You can be called to burn out the fires in someone life with this energy. For others of you , you could be dealing with crisis situations in your personal life that need your attention. For others of you, reevaluating certain relationships. You may realize certain people in your life are a bit dramatic or toxic and can make you  feel depress when your done talking to them. For others of you , you could be dealing with someone who is dominating and is best dealt with by avoidance