Wednesday, January 11, 2017




Major turn of events are happening with this energy. Try to allow things to happen naturally instead of you forcing things to happen. For others of you, if you don't have a purpose or a routine. The universe can be a difficult energy to deal with because it's trying to get you on track with your destiny. It's trying to get you to change certain habits or things about yourself. This could be through the conversation or annoyance you have with others so pay attention


I feel with this energy thoughts become things. This can be your lucky day today.  Change is happening today in regards to a move, property matters, or with family. You might difficult decisions you might need to make today. This is a great time to work on goals with this energy. You can be more about your friend with this energy. For some of you, you could find love in a group


  Relationships in general can be very challenging.Careful with impulse spending with this energy. You can be very easily bored. Try to do things differently today to break up that bored energy. Also play lotto win $ 5 dollar ticket with this energy. This can also be your lucky day. For some of you, you can be very ambitious and start new business endeavors or projects. You benefit from authority figures or those who are older than you.


Keep your thoughts positive changes are happening for better or for worst. For some of you, you are taking a different route in your life. Be it a different way of thinking , do things or even a different career path. You are leaving behind routine and trying new things or being more open minded to different ways of doing things. For some of you changing your career path. For others of you delving into a different form of religion. Or even seeking a non traditional relationship like on line dating

♌  LEO

You have a beautiful earth trine with the north node in your 2,6,10. There can be good news with money. Or you can be practical in your spending or saving money.  The focus is on your relationships with this energy. Change is happening in regards to career, there can be sudden changes with career for the better. Or there can be some positive changes or information that your ears are privy too


The focus is on your relationships this can be a very busy day for you dealing with others. You need to cock those brains before you shoot that mouth off. With this energy you are taking charge and doing what you feel is right. It may not make you any friends with this energy. For some of you personal transformation is happening.


You have a beautiful fire trine today with your 3,7,11. I feel with this energy people in your life may surprise you, or things quickly change in your favor the very last minute.For some of you, you benefit through your children , or people who are younger than you. For others of you , you get great fulfillment when you are teaching or guiding others today. When you are focus on other people's problems; your problems tend to resolve themselves out


Change is happening today so try to bend like the palm tree you are. With this energy, it works when you have a plan instead of being random. For some of you, there could be unforeseen things going on behind your back that could be a game changer. Also with this energy, you need to keep your mouth shut because you can be gossiping about the wrong person thus creating a new enemy. You 've been warned


For some of you change is happening a turn of events is coming up for better or worst. Try not to focus on the things that are not working out for you because it's temporary. Watch who you are helping at this time because others tend to take advantage of your kindness. Also watch your emotional self with this energy, because you can be very sensitive. Also not making the best decisions with this energy


Change is happening today. For some of you, who are in the age range of 30, your responsibilities are catching up with you, or you are taking on new responsibilities. For others of you this could be a midlife crisis with this energy. For some of you a turn of events can change your life direction. Today try to change your perspective and try to see big picture.


Moon in your sixth house is highlighted for some of you the focus is on work. For others of you health issues or taking care of your health or working on the law of attraction or changing the emotional self. For others of you, you have the energy and motivation to get things and to see big picture. For others of you this dealing with your relationships and not getting along with parents at this time. There could be some drama with parent with this energy


With this energy you have lessons with relationships try not be critical of close relationships with this energy. You might go assuming with this energy try to be about facts with this energy. Try to be more adaptable at this time to the other person and be mindful of others. Also with this energy, people in your life maybe trying to figure who you really are. For some of you, you are coming off as fake, so try to be open. With this energy you do have the courage to push through obstacles or ignore people who bother you.