Thursday, January 19, 2017


                       WANING CRESCENT MOON IN THE SIGN OF ♏ SCORPIO :this energy is more about endings and signaling new beginnings


At this time positive communications of growth or moving in the right direction are happening. Opportunities are starting to open up for you but your not to quick to jump into new things. For others of you, thoughts of moving in a different direction or working on yourself are coming with this energy. With this energy, you are more in your head than initiating or starting anything. You have allot of ideas at this time, right now your internal clock is at a yellow light  


With this energy it's asking you to reevaluate certain relationships. You did all you can do , you did your part; now see what the other person is going to do. For some of you , you benefit through friends or the women in your life. For others of you, this is a time where others ask you to come out and play with and making plans for the weekend   


You can be very creative in your problem solving techniques. You are thinking more outside of the box with this energy. You need to learn to accept things on how they are rather than trying to change certain things in your life. Today the energy is a bit more relaxing , even a bit boring at work. For others of you , you are more about being their for others and dealing with their problems


You have a water trine today.  Watch your emotional self this can be a fabulous day, or today can ride you like a bronco on Tuesday, like a rhinestone cowboy, so it's up to you how you want your day to be.I feel with this energy some people in your life may be trying to get information out of you. Especially over situations that you don't want to rehash for noisey people. For others of you, you can be a bit withdrawn and a bit in your feelings with this energy 


For some of you , you have positive changes happening today. You benefit through others with this energy just ask for help. This can be a popular energy time for you. Great energy for social media or networking. You have a knack for getting along with everybody 


With this energy, you could be there for others who are going through it at this time.For some of you, you benefit through others, and for others of you this is a time of growth with career. With this energy, you have a difficult time or don't want to emotionally get involved in certain situation or other people's lives. So you can snap back when others try to emotionally dump on you with this energy. You don't mind giving advise but if your not going to take it. Than I don't want to hear it with this energy 

Watch your emotional self this can be a fabulous day, or today can ride you like a bronco on Tuesday, like a rhinestone cowboy, so it's up to you how you want your day to be. I feel this is a great time for business today, for others of you the energy to get things done or take care of things  you've been putting off. For others you can be a bit of perfectionist with your work    


Watch your emotional self because you can make major changes based on your emotional self.  For some of try to stay humble with this energy. Because you might be more about your status or where you are in your career, and could even throw your weight around today. You need to try to bend like the palm tree that you are. And forgive people for not having couth because it's now an art form. If I were you, I would stay off the comment bars on the social media pages 


For some of you , you have difficult time making emotional connection with relationships, or if you had made an emotional connection with someone. You may feel the need to leave the relationship, because they know to much. For some of you this is reevaluating with your relationships. For others of you, you can be confuse or feeling confuse because on one hand you like this relationship but in the other hand you want to leave. Try to learn to find freedom in relationships.  


This energy really affects those of you 58-60 because you are more about your emotional security and your happiness. You may even make adjustments at this time to achieve that emotional stability in your life. For others of you,  You need to trust your intuition. For some of you, you are being guided towards certain people that can help you grow or this can lead you to opportunities. For others you can experience delays with this energy, in regards to your goals  


Watch your emotional self today to much water in your chart. You can be competitive or jealous of others so stay in your lane and watch what you are doing and where you are going. For others of you this can be dealing with those in authority:like parents, mother, or dominant people.You can receive recognition with this energy or you can receive good news. This is a good time for business because you are more focus towards career

You could be more about your spiritual life with this energy, or even in your head with this energy. You can be creative with this energy, and have money making ideas. This is a great energy for those of you in sells or dealing with clients. Because you know what other people want or looking for. For some of you, you can see social trends are changing and are able to keep pace with these social trends. Especially with media or social media or even at work. You can see change is coming