Sunday, January 8, 2017



With this energy, try to keep your good news under wraps because others aren't so happy with your news. Because it's not happening to them. I do see confrontation going on this week . Also I see you over a situation or people in your life. You might not talk to some of these people for a while. This reaction coming from you. Your not over past hurts from these people. The cards are saying a break from this group of people was a good decision.For some of you, alienating yourself from others is not benefiting you. Try to get together with others and enjoy yourself despite what one or two people might think of you. Don't give others your power


This week is a busy week for you with your social life. I feel at this time you need to watch your way of thinking. Even be flexible or open minded to what others are saying to you. For some of you  this is taking a new path that few will follow. Or career can turn around for you ; for the better this week . For some of you others are controlling your destiny, and for others of you fate is putting you on your path towards your destiny. You could be fighting change but do try to go more with the flow. For some of you this energy benefits you . This could be a fun week for you with this energy.


Your communications skills are very powerful and you are able to talk about or express your true feelings.For some of you, you are dealing with a difficult person or a dominating authority figure , the cards are saying avoidance is best. I feel for some of you try to keep track of your paper work. Because someone could be trying to throw you under the best. For some of you this is a time for new love coming in . For others of you in current love relationship a mastery over relationships. For others second chances can come up with this energy. For some of you people surprise you in a good way .


There is good news coming you way this week . I feel at this time this could be with court or negotiations for some of you. I feel the world seems to work more in your favor.  For some of you , you are able to be consistent with this energy and see things all the way through. For some of you I see you doing battle again after losing a fight. I feel for others of you thoughts of travelling can come up. I feel for others of you can teach someone in your life a valuable lesson. Trust your intuition because it can lead you to some great opportunities


For some of you, you could turn your passions into careers. With this energy you could be making a major decision and quick one too. I feel with this energy you could be getting involved in other people's drama. I feel with this energy, that you are going to have to pick sides in a situation. I feel that you may get cut off from certain people in your life because of your decisions. Despite your money worries, some of you could be lucky with money. Or you could hear good news in a money situation. I feel for others of you , you could be doing something that you don't want to do because of obligations. Don't make promises you can't keep or don't want to do this week


You can make rash decisions that you will regret later after all is said and done. Watch your emotional this week . I feel for some of you something that you've been wanting will come to fruition or you may get a second chance at it . I feel for some of you good news is coming your way in regards to career, or money . If you are a writer or an artist this could indicate the moment when you realize that you have "created your masterpiece". For others I see you fighting in a battle alone. You are dealing with a manipulative individual


I feel with this energy, money opportunities become open to you. Or you could be thinking about changing careers at this time because of better opportunities else. For others of you a great time for business with this energy. For others of you thoughts of quitting your job or questioning a relationship. I feel also this is a mastery over career or business with this energy. Try to let go over your worries. You have better self control during this time period. But I do see for some of you allot of worry. Money is coming in but I do see money worries. Let go of these worries with this energy


Lots going on with you this week . I feel you need to be careful with relationships because you can be your own worst enemy with this energy. I do see confrontations happening with this energy. I feel at this time you need to communicate more your feelings. I do see ultimatums coming up with relationships.I feel for others of you this could be second chances with missed opportunities or with love coming up. For others of you I see your way of thinking is going to change.  This is a great time to get people on #teamScorpio with this energy


I feel with this energy major decisions are coming up. This could involve court or negotiations . I feel for some of you this could be over relationships. I see love opportunities coming in but you could be a bit cautious about new people. For some of you , you could have a quick route to getting what you want. This is a great time for money opportunities or a second source of income to present itself to you. The ex is coming back in the cards second chance can happen . Careful with dealing with others your emotions can be manipulated. Also you need to take responsibility or own your part in a break up.


This looks like a beautiful energy week for career and money with this energy. I feel a mastering of specific areas of your life like career. There can be recognition or popularity with work. I feel with this energy things seem to work out for you . I feel with this energy you are very creative. Allot of air in your cards so you can be very creative or guided by your intuition. For others of you staying more to the home. You can be your own muse this week.  You will receive deep insight to certain situations as well


Great breakthroughs can occur with this energy whether it be at: school, work , business, or personal. Also this is a time where you are working more on yourself. And moving away from things . people or situations that you out grown. For some of you, you need to be more about other people in your life. Or even mindful with what's going on with them. For some of you, you are so focus on getting ahead and whats going with you. That this focus is going to cause problems or strain with the people around you. I feel also the cards are saying you should let go of certain past hurts, or working on letting go of the past.


   This week other people help you grow, so be humble because you  didn't do it all by yourself. I feel with this energy , you are in a better head place. You are mastering specific areas of your life with this energy. I see something that you are thinking about doing or pursuing the cards are giving you a green light to do so . I see positive changes happening with this energy. For some of you, you have allot of good coming in so it can be a bit overwhelming. For some of you, a new love interest is coming in but for some of you get to know this person . Because this person could already be married. For others of you this person could have mommy issues. So get to know him  or her before jumping into a new relationship