Sunday, January 1, 2017



I feel at this time your feelings maybe conflicted over someone in your life. Remember everything is cause and effect, so the actions you decide to make will affect the outcome over this situation. I feel also with this energy , you have some things that you want to do at this time, that may be still up in the air. Trust that part of your intuition saying not now but soon this will happen. I feel also you may be helping some out this week. Either giving them the exposure they need to the right people to help them grow with their career. Or this could be helping them to get back on their feet. You do have allot of cup cards with this energy. So this can be a fabulous week or this week can ride you like a Bronco on a Tuesday, so keep it positive. 


I feel with this energy , the focus is on love relationship. For some of you working on your love relationships. For others of you love can be a bit fragile with this energy. I feel for some of you this is dating during this time period. For some of you, major decisions in regards to career are coming up. It could be your emotional attachments to some people there that keeps you where you are.I see also that you do have a green light for some thing that you want to do . But the question is when are you going to do it ?


This week you can be emotionally balanced. You are wise when it comes to others pulling the wool over your eyes. The cards want you to know that the load you are carrying is worth carrying . I see you leaving behind manipulative people or situations that are no longer working for you. So you can pursue what you want with this energy. For some of you, your money situation is going to be changing for the better with this energy. When it comes to thoughts of the ex, you need to give yourself permission to move on. I do see heart break for some of you in regards to an ex. But also in the cards I don't see this person sharing the same affection towards because they may have moved on


Be strong with this energy, I see ultimatums are going to be given to some of you , and this could be in regards to career, or even with relationships in your life.  For some of you, your not along others in emotionally, and sometimes this can cause problems. When we are battling with our emotional self so tred carefully with this energy. Try to talk to some one about your feeling. Your communications skills are very strong with this energy. So  you can talk your way into and out of anything so use your words, speak up. I do see a turn of events happening with this energy, and this is more in your favor.


I feel with this energy, you benefit through relationships. I feel this is a great time for career, and money for some of you. Try to focus more on whats going on with you instead of where everybody is at in their life. Because there is a time for everything. So take this energy as it will happen eventually, and signs of things to come. For some of you, you need to keep this energy positive and let go of your worries. I feel that the cards are looking positive for situations to turn around for you . Don't allow others to instill crisis. It's their way to make you jump and immediately take care of the situation.


I feel with this energy, you need to start realizing all the good you have. I see complaining in the cards, and you know seeing all the good you have around. For others of you I see you getting your way. It may not be on your time but your getting what you want. So start be thankful and in a place of gratitude. For some of you, you are receiving signs from the universe that you are on the path that you need to be on.  This week you do have a lot of  cup cards. So at this time, it can be a wonderful or this week can ride you like a bronco on a Tuesday. I feel for others of you trust your intuition at this time , it may lead you to some one who can help you or to some one new you need to connect with .


I feel with this energy, you are very giving but becareful because you could have regret in how much you gave. So watch your giving this week to others. I feel there can be power struggles with certain relationships this could be : parent versus child, or this could be freedom versus control.  Basically you have disagreements going this week with others. For some of good news is coming your way. This could be with a promotion with career. Or positive changes coming up for you with certain areas of your life . I feel also with this energy certain people in your life might be trying to take credit for your work. Don't let them steal your thunder.


This is a beautiful energy time for you the cards are showing me . For some of you, you have new beginnings coming up , money situations resolving more in your favor, and a time for taking risk with this energy.  I feel with this energy what you want is meshing with the world around you this week. I feel with this energy, your communications skills are very strong with this energy. I see positive changes coming up for you in your favor. What ever you put your mind towards now you can have with this energy. With this energy your creativity will garner you much praise. I feel taking risk at this time will lead to a big payday for some of you.


I feel with this energy, you benefit through others with this energy. I feel at this time change is happening with the assistant of other people in your life. For some of you, this is convincing others of your ideas that you have during this time. For some of you this could be money making ideas that you want to implement during this time period. For others of you , this is dealing with a board of people in regards to why they should extend your contract, or give you a promotion. For others of you, you could be working with some one who is more experienced in your field. This person is here to help you grow with this energy.


I feel for some of you second chances are coming up with relationships in general.  I also see this person coming back is not going to own their part in the situation. You are not going to get the apology you are looking for. So you can either be okay with that or think about letting this person go. At this time you have some good situations coming in . Try not to speak so much about it because others don't share your enthusiasm for your  good news. The cards are showing me that this is going to be a busy week for you. No need to worry your multitasking skills are going to kick in this week


I feel that this is a good time for money coming in for you. But I also feel this is a time where you are catching up with your bills. So try not to put yourself in a place of lack at least you can pay for the necessities. I feel at this time, you might be doing somethings maybe even out of character to mend a broken heart. So were on letting go of this energy and make peace with it. I feel also with this energy, you might be watch where others are in their life. Know that your turn will happen there is a time for everything in life. I feel also with this energy, you are to focus this week on a particular goal or task that you are over looking your relationships. So try to reach out to those you care about this week. They may need someone to check in with thats all


Careful with this energy, because you could be chasing people out of your life. I feel that at this time, you want to control every aspect of your life or call more of the shots. At this time with this energy try to be more about other people's needs. I feel the focus is more towards work. That focus mainly on work can put a bit of strain on some of your relationships. So try to find that balance or better time management between work and the people around you. With this energy you may have some very trendy ideas or you could be a head of your time. For others of you I see partnerships or collaboration can happen this week for some of you. I feel money opportunities can come your way but becareful what you are getting yourself into this week