Thursday, January 12, 2017



Careful with this energy because you can be possessive or jealous of your relationships. Loyalty is very important to you and you can be very disappointed how others don't come through for or how they don't have your back. For some of you, you want change but implementing these changes seem to be problematic .


With this energy you can initiate plans and execute them today.  For others of you, you have the energy to get things done. Keep this energy positive a great day for the law of attraction. For some of you, your problems get resolved when you are focus on other people's problems. You can be very ambitious with this energy


Careful with this energy, because you are being a bit rebellious in regards to work. Or you may not want to follow the rules with this energy and cut corners. I feel also with this energy difficult energy when dealing with the men in your life. Careful with your giving nature because you can be to giving sometimes. I feel also with this energy you may initiate changes at this time. Especially with situation or your way of doing things is no longer working for you


You have a beautiful water trine keep the energy positive today or this energy can ride you like a bronco on a Tuesday, like a Rhinestone cowboy.  With this energy people in your may come to you for guidance or for training in regards to work or personal life. You have this aura of "I got my life figured out". People are attracted by the leadership quality about you

♌ LEO 

Difficulties with the men in your life, or you could be in disagreement with them . Today you are going to be constantly ask to be more adaptable per the universe ; per your lesson at this time. So try to bend like the palm tree that you are. Pay attention to your feelings because that could be a single to adapt and to compromise. Even when you don't want to but you do it because you are a loving person


Moon in Leo is forming a fire trine. This energy brings unexpected experience or you may be stepping out of your routine with this energy and doing something differently.  With this energy you are able to make some changes with this energy. Or try a different approach to get your way in a situation


You have a fire trine 3,7,11; people can surprise today for the better. This can be someone doing something nice for you because they thought of you. Or friends spontaneous wanting to run away with you for the weekend . For others of you this can be unexpected good news today.


With this energy you benefit through other people. Friends and coworkers can depend on you to come through for them. With this energy your words are powerful they can excite others or they can start fights. Pick and choose what you want in your life. Try to be adaptable to others and try to bend with this energy  


You benefit through friends and partnerships today. For some of you, you could be getting a wake up call in regards to your reality of your situation. You can experience obstacles at this patience and perseverance is needed with this enregy, and is also part of your lesson. For others of you second chances can present themselves with this energy. Or you could receive an apology from a parent


Today you might be able to read people or even know their next move. With this energy you can be a psychic sponge soaking up other people's energy. To break this step outside of the situation or take a break than come back . See how the energy change or shifted, or confront the person and ask are you okay. Sometimes that can break the energy by acknowledging it. Change is happening with this energy and your doing your best to control the situation or even change it. I feel with this energy you allow people or situations to ruin your day. So try to let go of this energy instead of hanging on to it. Some situations need your immediate attention today


You need to watch your emotional self , because you can be super sensitive  or obsessive over certain situations. May be you didn't get the last word or you didn't receive your apology. This is ego talking and this is your reactive self talking. You have a choice to stay in that energy and ruin the rest of your day, or to work on letting go. Why hold on to negativity, it's over, let go


You have a beautiful fire trine with your 2,6,10. Important changes can be made but this could be more on an emotional level rather than career. For some of you this can be with career. For some of you this energy brings about emotional growth, or you maturing. Certain things or what people do your not giving it any energy.