Monday, January 16, 2017


  Tonight prayer session at 10pm EST        


There can be a turn of events with relationships or career for better or worst so keep the energy positive. Try to go with the flow with this energy. For those of you in your 30's ,early 30's late 20's taking more responsibility or you could be adulting today. For others of you, this can be a time for self realization on what you need to change


I feel with this energy, you are being asked to do things alone. You may not receive much support from family with the decisions you decide to make. For others of you, you are making decisions that go against your better judgment.Don't be a people pleaser it's not worth it. This person will never be happy with what you do or don't do for them


Change is happening who ever needs to leave your life let them.You could be frustrasted with others as they leave you stuck with all the responisibilities. You could feel overwhelm with this energy. This anger or even issues can be coming from some deep seated issues from past hurts that you haven't let go of. As you are going through that emotions, what is the true feeling your feeling.


Watch your emotional self with this energy. You could be left cleaning up after every body or carrying the weight of everyone elses problems. Careful with getting involved in other people's drama. Because you might be more invested or thinking it's a bigger deal than the other person.


You can be impulse with your actions try to practice self control or self restraint in your actions and maybe even your mouth. Also with this energy you can be organized and getting things done with this energy. For some of you, you have the energy today to take action. When you are going more with the flow today, you'll find blessings happening with this energy or at least peace


For some of you, you are getting a second opinion or seeking counseling.For others this could be seeking the advise of teacher.For others of you focusing more on your well being or even reading self help books. Definitely a time for reflection and reevaluation. With this energy you are very focus and can get things done with this energy      


Change is happening today whether you like it or not . At this time patience is needed and just continue working through this energy. I feel you need to be careful what you say to certain people in your life. Because you take things personally or you are more focus on your goals and can't be involved in other people's drama. You don't sugar coat things at this time, so others may not be handle your constructive and brutal honest criticism.


With this energy you have more of leadership quality,  you point out what is wrong , and your not afraid to say whats on your mind. You do have a water trine, so watch your emotional self ,  or this energy can ride like a bronco on Tuesday. For some of you, you can feel needy with this energy, and can be rebellious with your lover. Watch your emotional self because you are wanting attention and affection. For some of you, you could feel lonely


I feel with this energy that you need to watch your emotional self, because this could  be the straw that broke the camels back. Mars is not well aspected today, so there can be changes such as a move, or even dealing with the men in your life. Being that strong support system for them , or even getting involved in their drama.


Watch your emotional self with this energy. I feel this can be a respect thing and you are looking for  it. Its very hard to walk over a Capricorn and I think some people are going to learn that today. There is a certain way of speaking to you. And bossing you around or giving you a time limit isn't one of them. Watch your reactive and cock those brains before you shoot that mouth off


You might have to set boundaries or confront certain relationships. People in your life especially those your not getting along with could be playing some kind of mind game or looking for a fight.Don't feed in into their negativity they are probably having a bad day and you so happen to be their. Also with this energy you can have the energy to get things done.


You need to becareful with whom you place your trust with today. Some people can have big mouths and don't know when to be quiet. For others of you certain things in your life are coming to fruition. When it comes to your goals or career, you may have to pick a clear direction and stick to it, or else you are going to be all over the place today. You might feel over whelm where to begin.