Monday, January 23, 2017




Today you are action orientated, you can make things happen with this energy, or you might have the energy to get things done like cleaning that you've been putting off. For others of you this is the beginning of new projects. For some of you, you know your giving up something that your not ready to give up. But try to be about big picture what is it that you truly want


With this energy you need to raise your hand and speak up when it comes  to what you want. For some of you this can be opportunities to change the emotional self or change bad habits with this energy. For others of you seeing is believing with this energy so you might need more convincing before making your mind up


Today, your mind is on the money and the money is on the minded with this energy. For some of you, you want to save your money but family or friends maybe asking you to help them out with this energy. For some of you, you are working towards an apology or compromise but you might have to do more bending in order for that to happen. In order to get what you want you have to let go of something    


Watch your emotional self because you can be over work. Or you might take what other people say to personally, or you might not be about play with this energy so this can be stressful energy. Try to relax with this energy. For some of you , you could be fighting for the under dog or fighting for whats just fair


Watch your emotional self today, you tend to take things to personally and read to much into what people are doing or not doing. For some of you relationships problems can happen with this energy. You need to communicate your feelings instead of holding them in like a teapot and letting explode on to others. For some of you relationships can be fragile and even endings can happen with this energy


For some of you, you could feel empowered with this energy. You are determine to make certain things in your life a reality. For some of you , you are following your own little drummer and not following rules today. For others of you, you are making a left in your life and doing things that you normally don't do


You have allot of  energy in your rising sign of Libra. You can experience separation , divorce or loss today. Change is happening with this energy, you could be feeling restless at this time. Trust that energy it means that change is coming up very soon for some of you. People in your life maybe a bit noisy about you , because they are trying to figure you out. Or trying to figure out what is bothering you


I feel you can be very intense with this energy. You can take what others say to you to personally, your not in a laughing mood with this energy.Try to relax a bit with this energy. There can be power struggles with relationships, or issues with control can come up today. So try to bend like the palm tree I know you can be.


You can be very much into your feelings with this energy. Not getting along with certain family members or people in your life with this energy. For some of you thoughts of moving can come up with this energy, or even property matters can become the focus. I feel with this energy, you could be involved in some unusual experiences. You are more open minded to anything or anyone who's different

You are more to yourself with this energy, and prefer to work by yourself today. For some of you, you can't give in to your impulses with this energy. For some of you, you have a sense of entitlement with certain things.  So try to let go of that part of your ego. For some of you this is not the day to fight because it will bring about endings or some major turn of events.

For some of you, you could be in a position to change but you have allot of directions to choose from. For some of you thoughts of career changes can happen. For others of you people in your life are putting you on your path of destiny. Or trying to make you more like them till you realize that they are trying to live vicariously through you or their belief may work for them but not for you.


Moon in Sagittarius forming a stellium , for some of you thoughts of changing careers or going back to school. For others of you thoughts of changing the self or the emotional self with this energy. Love relationships can be difficult at this time so watch what you say. You can expect the unexpect like random people you haven't spoken to in a while reconnecting with you