Tuesday, January 10, 2017



For some of you, you could be going out of your way for a family member with this energy. For others of you , you benefit through the women in your life. I feel your more about your mother or thoughts of mother are coming up. For others of you socializing a bit more today and about being more relax


For some of you , you could experience a reunion with someone you haven't spoken to in a long while. For others of you, you could be enjoying your personal time alone.  For some of you this is a fun energy time to be with groups. You could be more of the leader of the group, and people loving every word you say or wanting to do something with you during the weekend    


You could be more concern with what other think of you. For some of you this is a good day at work. For others of you, you could feel like your accomplishing things and getting things done. With this energy you are taking more initiative with what you want. For others of you , you are making changes in certain areas of your life.


I feel with this energy the focus can be more towards your daily routine, health and career. For some of you, you could experience lower back pain because you need to get off your feet and rest more. For others of you , you can be a bit of a workaholic with this energy.  For some of you, there could be power struggles with others. Certain people in your life want things done their way and your not hearing it


Watch your words and actions you can be very impulsive in your behavior, or you may feel like others are taking advantage of your good nature. So when you ask them to something and they don't do it. It really irks you today. Major changes are going to be made at this time, watch your emotional self with this energy. This can be changes that are out of your control


You might need to make some difficult choices in regards to relationships or with career. For some of you good news with property matters, or even with loans can come up. This could also be a time of moving forward with a government process. This would be a great day for dealing with the bank. Also for some of you , you could have something difficult lessons when it comes to helping others. This person may not want to change and sometimes you have to learn to stop helping and let this person learn their own lesson


Careful with this energy because your emotional self can be affecting your health. Try to be more about you and taking care of you today. I feel with this energy someone can easily change your mind. Or make decisions for you or on your behalf. You have a difficult time saying "No", especially to certain people in your life. For others of you , you need to assert yourself especially when it comes to what you want


Watch your emotional self wrenches will get thrown in your way. I feel unexpected turn of events can happen that can cause you to over react or make decisions that you'll regret later. You do have a beautiful water trine today. When you are tapping into your inner child or playing around.You'll find your creative side comes out more. It's up to you how you want your day to be? Don't let this energy ride you like a bronco on a Tuesday.


I feel with this energy you are more about taking care of the people in your life. I feel for some of  this is an emotional transformative time. Or this can be a time of epiphanies. For some of you, you can be wise on other people's game.For some of you, you could be communicating allot or maybe hanging out more on your social media pages.


You are putting your thumb print on everything that you do. I feel this is a great time for negotiations, or even good news .  A new opportunity may present itself to you with career. For some of you this can be a fun time celebrating your birthday, or receiving allot of birthday wishes. For others of you sparks of miracles can happen with this energy


 I feel with this energy, you need to becareful who you trust or give money too with this energy. You need to protect yourself or be more self aware of your personal belongings.  For some of you this is a good time for career, and for money to come in with this energy. For others of starting over in regards to career with this energy, For some of you this energy brings about a new chapter in regards to business or career,GROWTH


This can be a fun energy time if you want it to be spending time with family , friends or children with this energy. For others of you this is making new friends or a potential new love interest. For some of you, you could be guided by your intuition with this energy. For some of you, you could find healing energy through your creativity, or you may find someone going through the same situation you are going through.