Tuesday, January 17, 2017




Careful with how you speak to others today. There can be difficulties or delays with this energy especially in regards to court, or paper work.For some of you thoughts of going back to school or updating yourself with career. For some of you difficulties in getting your way. You may have to handle things differently


  Today you can be more of a listener or a counselor with this energy. Your not here to fix their problems, they just want you to listen. So any advice given will go on deaf ears. This energy does bring excitement, and there could be thoughts of future at this so slow down your way of thinking. Wait for things to come to fruition. For others of you, you have to be in the moment because the moment will be gone


I feel with this energy people could be talking into your ear about new opportunities or job opportunities. For others of you, friends or family could be planning something for the weekend. These can be tentative plans. For others of you trust your intuition . For some of you the energy is focus on those who are younger than you or even the focus is on your children today and whats going on with them.


Change is happening with this energy. I feel for some of you, you are initiating these changes because you have the energy to do so, or you feel more motivated. For some of you the focus can be with your family and home. You need watch your emotional self today and try to go more with the flow with this energy. Or try to find the blessing in the situation

♌  LEO

Watch your emotional self with this energy because it can affect your health. You could be feeling restless like you need a road trip or some place to go. For some of you , you can break your routine up to break that restless energy you might be going through today


Trust your intuition with this energy, thoughts can become things at this time. Also you are very creative with this energy coming up with money making ideas, or ideas in general . For others of you receiving good news with this energy . Or unexpected events can happen with this energy.


This energy brings on unexpected events on to your plate. If you were comfortable and not wanting to change. I feel things can change very quickly with this energy, for better or worse so keep the energy positive. What ever you have been manifesting doesn't  belong with your now. So your now has to make way for what it is that you truly want. The energy today can be very up and down so it can be hard to stay at peace


You need to cooperate with others in order to get what you want, big disagreements can happen, and power struggles over money. For some of you, reevaluating your relationships or even thinking about making some major changes. For some of you this can be emotionally a confusing time for you


At this time you could be trying something new that's out of your comfort zone. For others of you, your not listening to others and doing your own thing. For others of you, this can be powerstruggles at work especially with the women you work with. For others of you, to many obstacles coming up could mean your going the wrong way or you need to change your tactics


For some of you , you are excited about learning something new or updating yourself on your career. For some of you this can be receiving good news, or you could be privy to information about changes that are coming up. Or strings that people are going to pull for you with this energy.


I feel with this energy , you can make things happen. What ever you think about today so shall it become. You have the energy and can be driven towards your goals or focusing on your goals. For some of you this can be a time of getting yourself more organized. If your feeling some kind of way. Don't pussy foot around your feelings be honest.


You bring the play to work. For some of you , you may make a great motivational speaker. For some of you, you have the fire under your butt to achieve your goals, or even start new projects. Your confidence is at all time high, and you can be a mover and a shaker in your world. For some of you really good new is coming up or even recognition for work.