Tuesday, January 3, 2017



I feel with this energy, some relationships in your life could be a bit controlling today. Making you choose between them and your family. For others of you, this could be being harassed by certain people in your life via the internet. Especially people who you had a falling out with .


You need to watch your emotional self. Because what ever you think is going on is not actually going . Your assuming is creating allot of problems with your relationships. At this time be more about facts. For some of you this dealing with impatient and wanting change. You have to step out of what is comfortable and be the change.  


With this energy you can be more to yourself. Also trust your intuition . With this energy, people in your life could be making plans for you to come out with them for the weekend. For others of you , you have mystical rectangle so this potential energy if you want to use and accomplish certain things today


Try not to assume with this energy. I feel at this time you can take what others say or their actions the wrong way. It's always good to ask what them to see if your feelings are correct. If not get a second or third opinion before jumping to conclusions.

You have beautiful fire trine today. You are moving forward with creative projects or with career. For some of you, you could be in good spirits. For others of you good news comes your way to help you with career or business. With this energy you don't want to get involve in any ones drama today


I feel with moon in your 8th house , you are able to talk your way into and out of any situation. Some of you could be as clever as a fox.  For others a busy energy that could have you coming and going.With this energy, you are able to see certain situations for what they truly are.


Careful with this energy, you can be a hot head today. For others of you , you might need some tough skin when dealing with others. I feel that you might get into with others, because people in your life want you to do them favors. Dont make promises you can't keep today or don't want to do .  


I feel with the moon in your sixth house, your determination and persistent pays off . You can get things done. Today you can have some good and bad news. Remember we are still under mercury retrograde influence till the 8th. For some of you this is making plans with others and than they change on you last minute. Or they promise to do something but a few hours call to cancel.


You are more about your social life with the moon in your fifth house. For others of you, you could be involved in petty drama that you find amusing and fun to watch. You may have a little role to play in this petty drama. Which will give you a bit of amusement.


With this energy don't get talk to anything you don't want to do today. For some of you , you could get persuaded to be in relationship you don't want to be in. For some of you, try to stay focus on your goals or the task at hand. You may not feel like working with this energy, and you tend to be more to yourself


Careful with your money situation. You are very generous with your giving.You need to be more self aware of your inner life with the moon in Aries. At this time you could be a bit restless especially if your not at peace with your present. If you are at peace with your present this energy will not bother you so much emotionally. But you can expect certain hiccups or delays  


Turn of events with your money situation for the better especially for those of you in business. You could be getting along with certain people that you didn't think you could get along with.I feel with this energy you could stick up for others or fight other people's battles with this energy. You are empathetic to other people's needs