Monday, January 30, 2017



MOON STILL IN PISCES ♓: This is initial planning, starting something new, talks are being made nothing set in stone, also a time regeneration 


You can be very stubborn about changes coming up today or this week. You might not like these changes because they were not your idea or had your consent. You can act out with this energy, you might not like to be told what to do by others. Expect wrenches to get thrown in your day and some frustration . Allow them to pass and happen and be more in the present  


With this energy pick and choose your battles today. Because you might be mad about something different but trying to get into a fight with others. For others of you, change is happening and you are not as open minded or as okay with it as everyone thought. With this energy, it's best to get your day started right by organizing what it is you are going to do. The moon is not well aspected in your 12th house


You need to watch your emotional self not the best idea to start fighting with others because the ego can't handle it today. For some of you difficult energies with the men in your life, a turn of events can happen today. This may have to deal with your freedom and you not liking to be told what to do. So becareful with the decisions you may today because you may regret them tomorrow


With this energy you can be going out of your way for others.Today you can be more about your relationships. For some of you bending over backwards for new relationships, why I do not know please don't bend over backwards to make yourself happy. Stay out of the gossip or try not to divulge so much information at this time, chatty Kathy
♌ LEO 

For  some of you , you are testing the waters and seeing what you can and can't get away with . For others of you, you can be adamant about getting your way and wont take No for answer. For some of you , you throw this energy into positive thinking or breaking bad habit. For others of you starting new projects, or having the energy to take care of business.

Team work makes the dream work. You work well when you are working with a group of like minded people. You need to find freedom in what you. For some of you becareful of making impulse decisions.Because you feel stuck in your situation and go look to blame some one else for your problem thus ending that relationship. You may later regret your decision.

For some of you, you can be guided by your intuition, and have the green light to start projects or business endeavors. For others of you, you can anticipate other people's moves, or even  what's going to happen next at work. Also with this energy you see people for who they really are


So much water in your chart, this can either be such a fabulous day or this energy can ride you like a bronco on Tuesday , getty up , getty up so it's up to you how you want your day to go. I feel you need to see big picture and not focus on one or two things that aren't going right. For some of you expect the unexpect as someone from your past reaches out to you out of the blue today. For others of you this can be unexpected good news  


Property matters can come up, trouble with roommates can happen with this energy, or not getting along with the men. Because you need to be to yourself and people in your life maybe dumping you at this time. Sometimes you need to create that boundary and say I need my space. Silence is best with certain people in your life because you can feel that they are on top of you or being to bossy


With this energy you might become a believer as sparks of miracles can happen today, or your prayers are getting answered today. Your communications skills are strong with this energy. This is a great time for media or social media. Or trying to get your way in certain situations, you are more than likely to get your way , so speak up  


For some of you this can be a confusing energy not knowing what to do at this time. Neptune is conjunct with the part of fortune. At this time listen to the emotional self, if you feel confused or indecisive you might want to hold off making a decision at a later time.

At this time you need to watch who you give your time or energy too because they might be emotionally dumping on you. For some of you this energy can bring a powerful turn of events for the better. For others of you this energy is more about you and your emotional self. For some of you can be more focus on changing your way of doing things or changing certain habits in your life.