Sunday, January 29, 2017


You can be confronted with past issues and you have to own your part at this time. But some of choose not to own your part be it little. For others of you personal message and insight come to you this week. For some of you things that you've been putting off or ideas that you wanted to start or didn't. Or for some of continuously delving into your faith and nothing seem to manifest. This week the universe opens it's flood gates prayers can get answered this week. The struggle you've been going through for a while. May have an ending this week, or by initiating your ideas your going to see sparks of miracles happen this week.  


I feel this week can be a fun week for you. You are handling things differently in order for the name of peace.With this energy enjoy the simpler things in life. You need to look at your situation instead of what you don't have. Because others can't relate to your situation because they see everything that you do have. It could be more than what they have.Also I see some major changes happening and this could be the straw that broke the camels back. You have more confidence to say whats on your mind and put your foot down about a certain situation.

Your communications skills are very powerful with this energy. For some of you a good time with media and social media. This can also be receiving good news, or having a good interview, or good news in regards to court. You are very convincing with your words and you make sense to others. You can be at a crossroads with certain situations. The cards want you to know you have a green light with the path you want to go on . To stick to it no matter what. For some of you, if you go looking for the truth you may find it. So be careful what you wish for with this energy. For some of you , court is coming or negotiations are coming up this week. This can be a big pay out for you. Or the situation is more in your favor

The focus is on your relationships in general with this energy. For some of you new love relationships can come up. For others of you this is good time for career or with contracts to go more in your favor. For some of you, you can be moving into a totally new career direction. For others of you, at time of moving forward in direction and doing you at this time. For some of you, you have sway in how people talk about you. How you want people to think of you. This can be a good time for recognition or growth with this energy. You do have some haters but let them hate because they aren't happy with their situation. Or you are moving ahead and they aren't growing . Pay attention to whats going on with you and try not to focus on what others are saying about you.    


You are following the beat of your own drum and doing what makes you happy. For others of you , you are more focus on career or can be abit of perfectionist with this energy. For others you have a better control over your situation. Your patience and hard work with career is paying off. You are very nurturing with your relationships with this energy. For some of you making new friends. This person you can have a strong emotional connection with because you two knew each other in a life.I do see a break up and you need to learn to move on and let go of this relationship.

I see you mastering a specific area of your life, I see emotional stability so your money situation is going to get better with career, or you could get what you want. For some of you, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. This energy brings deep personal insight into your situation or clarify situations with others. Major decisions can come up with relationships because this person seems to be more to themselves. There could be a lack of communication on your part as well. Instead of ripping them a new butt for not responding to you quick. How about an I feel like this when you do this. Gives you a better response and reaction. Because you are dealing with someone like yourself who likes to be to themselves, and doesn't know how to emotionally connect with others. Change the conversation first before reacting to a person or a situation

For some of you , you are dealing with manipulative person slow down and make sure you are not being use. Also with this energy what you want to do at this time wont win you any friends. Change is happening this week this can be more of a promotion at work or good news happening with career. For some of you these are life changes that you are going through for the better. For others of you, you maybe more in your thoughts not noticing all that is happening around.


You might be spending allot of time email someone or texting someone with this energy. For others of you , you are very creative with this energy. This energy also brings endings and new beginnings coming up this week. For some of you can be more focus on career, and staying more to yourself . Difficulties with the women in your life are coming . There could be powerstruggles with that relationship. For some of you a great opportunity a waits you this week, and you have an opportunity to turn a corner in your life .  


Watch your thoughts this week because you can be making impulsive decisions based on your emotional self. For some of  you , you can be at a crossroads with certain things going on in your life. For some of you the focus on certain relationships in your life. For some of you, court seems to be almost over and in your favor. I see money through litagations or with insurance. For others of you I see you mastering your money situation this week. For others of you major career opportunities can come up  but this could be in a different state or country. For others of you certain situations are going to be made clear to you this week. I see major decisions are coming up but be sure to get a second opinion

Major decisions are coming up but no matter what the cards say Yes or No your still going to think about it.  For some of you , you are waiting for others and being patient on them to make the next move. For others of you , you can be obsessing about a particular relationship. I feel at this time for others of you , you can be receiving a second chance with a relationship but you don't know if you want this person. Or even help them . For others of you keep it humble because you can be spiteful towards or so you think your being spiteful towards others when really your hurting yourself. For some of you positive changes is happening with career, or a move.


For some of you working on yourself and quitting bad habits with this energy. I also see money worries coming up with this energy. But I also see money coming in. This could be because of bills you have to catch up on and not having enough for what you want. If your going through emotionally or you need help with other situations in your life. Don't be afraid to communicate to others, your not alone.The cards show that you are in your head . Your money situation or that lack is more in your head than a reality. So try to stay in gratitude and focus on the things that are working or talk out your feelings .

This week possible endings and newbeginnings coming up but you have to be the one to initiate the change this week. For others of you end one cycle and beginning another. Love relationships or relationships in general can be fragile at this time. So careful with how you talk to others, or how you react to them. I see your money situation getting better with this energy. A great energy for those of you with media and social media. You do get through with others with your words so try to use them more for good.