Sunday, January 15, 2017



This week major changes are coming up for some of you. This is a time to be more adaptable to new situations. For some of you this is relocating to different country or town and getting use to the customs. For others of you this is new beginnings and getting adjust to a new routine. For some of you this is a time period for success but it's based on how long you been at the bottom. Watch who you affiliate yourself with because you could be guilty by association. Good news is coming your way this week. Also when you focus on your relationships, you'll see how the things you want flow right in


You could be more about your social media life this week, I see lots of online communications going this week .I feel you can be very idealistic in your way of thinking talks of future, future, future. I see a second source of income happening with this energy, or another source of money through on line businesses. For others of you I see you teaching someone a valuable lesson. I do see for some of you , you could have moved on from a situation or SOMEBODY!! because I see you not caring any more . I see for others of you thoughts of travelling happening


You can be more quiet in your feelings or  your head. I do see this being a creative time for you. I do see losses coming up for you in regards to career. I feel that for some of you the focus is more towards your second source of money being on-line businesses. I see second chances coming up but I see you  giving a person an ultimatum. Or this could be you receiving and ultimatum. Careful with what you say to others because I do see you being  your own worst enemy. You need to watch your emotional self with this energy, try to keep humble. Because I do see good news coming in


For some of you this week you can be in a better headspace. Some people are better left alone or even avoiding just so you can have peace in your life. What ever it is your are trying to do career wise. I feel you are going to receive signs that you are on the right path. Or even just saying to the creator you are doing this for human kind, will reward you with blessings. For others of you, you can be more to yourself and focusing more on your career. For others of you , you are receiving insight on your journey.Also for some of you , you can be very sentimental or your thoughts are more towards the past.

♌ LEO 

This is a great energy week for money. I see a positive source of incoming coming through investments, or sells that proves to be very positive and promising.Also the cards are showing a second source of income. I see growth when it comes to career, or you can benefit through your partner with this energy. And your partner can be recieving some big  news. I feel  for some of you need to trust your intuition, because it can open doors for you. For others of you, you can be in more contact with people who love. For others you , you are more focus on your love relationship


This is a great time for money coming in or career. You are being guided by your intuition. For some of you, you can see how much you are changing emotionally and for some growing up. You could be question certain relationships. Or you could realize you have nothing in come with some of your older friendships. For others of you can be using this time to relax a bit more. I feel your money situation is at a point, where you can relax and take a vacation. For others of you , you can be inspired  by your artistic development or intellectual experiments. You also need to becareful with gossip . For some of you, you are suffering from the weight of what is being said about publicly.


I feel with this energy you can be over a group of people in your life. You could avoid talking to them. I feel this is more of a blessing than a bad things. So your doing the right thing. By taking responsibility for your  own problems and taking responsibility on you got yourself in a situation. Will help reveal a solution quicker. A relationship will end because of previous grievances the other person can't move on from or you can't forgive and move on from. Also some relationships especially recently new ones are more easy come and easy go. I feel for others of you , you can start dating this week .


Major decisions are coming , change is coming but you are more thinking than jumping on to new things this week. For some of you this could be thoughts of moving, due to career opportunities somewhere else.With this energy some people in your life maybe jealous of your good energy. Trying to take away your thunder. Your relationships in general come into focus . For some of you this person is throwing their problems on to you. Or can be leaning on you to help. For some of you endings can happen  with this energy, so careful with relationships or at work.,


This can be a great week for you, you can be more about your wellbeing or in a better head space.  You can benefit through others or partnerships with this energy. I feel at this time you need to make quick decisions or pick sides. I feel for others of you teaching someone a valuable lesson. Be careful what you wish for you this week . I feel for others of you, this can be truth revealed, or a situation in your life will be clarified. I feel with this energy you can be at a crossroads. The choices you make now there is no go


Lots of online messaging and emailing back and forth going on at this time.  Good news can come out of it. I feel people in your life may present some major opportunities or give you something to chew on this week. For some of you this is a positive week for school and recognition for creative projects. For others of you, you can be inspired and moving on a creative path. I see dominating person around you , so this person and just dealt with silence and avoidance. I feel for some of you letting go of a situation and giving it to God. Pay attention to the signs that universe are giving you at this time


Lots of online communications going on this week. For some of you , you can be inspired by the trends.You could find a unique way to make money. You are powerfully convincing towards others, you could be dealing with court or negotiations. This week you can see things go your way. You are very persuasive and convincing.When you are nurturing your relationships and focusing on the people you love. Your problems tend to resolve themselves so put your energy towards connecting with your relationships. If you focus on yourself or your goals it's okay. It's okay this to be about your need


Your intuition is on point so trust your fishy senses this week.For some of you a great  time for love relationships, I see you going through the stages of traditional dating at this time. With this energy a great time for career and business. You can be receiving recognition or promises to grow. For those in business a great time for growth. This is a time for success and popularity with this energy. There can be some indecisions coming up in regards to the relationships in your life. I feel you need to becareful of certain people and don't gossip this week.