Friday, January 13, 2017



Keep your ego in check because you are trying to much to succeed with this energy. You are so goal orientated with what you want . That you can't see whats going on around or how your ambitions are affecting your money or your relationships. Try to find balance at this time, relax and slow the train down . Try to find balance between your ambitions and your relationships.


Once your mind is made up that's it . Others may try to talk you out of your convictions or way of thinking.  For others of you in your 50's can understand or feel your personal power, and look forward to the future. For others of you a time of reinventing yourself. Be open and honest with people is your best approach today


Today you are a bit wiser with this energy, so an obstacles or difficult people that present themselves.You tend to ignore or handle people or situations differently. For some of you, you could be meeting new people or you could be connected with relationships in your life. That you never really paid attention too. Today you make better connections with others, because you know how to deal with them. And you have a better understanding of their way of thinking .


This can be a fun time out today just watch your spending with this energy. I feel for others of this can be a popular energy time for you. I feel for others of you, you could get out early at work. Or people at work can switch shifts with you. For others getting along well with those in authority or getting along well with parents


Watch your emotional self don't go assuming . For some of you there could be issues with sharing or you can be limited by others on what you can and can't do. For others of you , focusing on holistic healing, or working on the emotional self. Also I feel through your creativity that you could have epiphanies


Today you might need to cock those brains before you shoot that mouth. At this time your thoughts and feelings can be everywhere. So you aren't able to say your true feelings . It's going to look like your mad at everything or everyone or even can be snappy with others. With this energy it not the best time to go experimenting with what works and what doesn't work when communicating with others . Don't test people today


Today you might be able to be persuaded with this energy. Someone is very convincing with this energy and can promises the moon and the stars but will they actually give them to you? Or is it another empty promise. Second chances are coming up with this energy. The grass does look greener on the other side for others. But remember we spray paint are grass now of days. So take your time be cautious when jumping to new relationships . Let those exs work for their food


Moon is forming a beautiful fire trine, I feel with this energy you have an opportunity to make major changes in your life. Or this can be changes with career with this energy. For some of you, you have a stronger desire at this time to make changes. For some of you , you could relate or getting along better with the women in your life. To benefit from the energies today, try to bring other closer or emotionally connecting to others


With this energy when you are focus on other people's problems , your problems will get resolved. Watch your wallet because you can be down for some impulse buying, or treating everyone out. So try to practice some self control because you'll be in regret come Monday.When you trying to make your gas last till next pay day. For others of you , you can get things done with this energy. You can focus on your goals or even clean the house


You could experience some lose at this time. Who ever needs to leave your life let them. Because this maybe more of a blessing in disguise. For others, you are practical in your way of thinking. You may not spontaneously go out with others. So if they didn't make plans with you for the weekend chances are your not going out. Because you like to make plans in advance and not do things on the fly


With this energy you can be very spontaneous when it comes to going out with friends. For some of you , you benefit through friends or others with this energy. For some of you doing something out of the ordinary .  For others of you , a great time to work on yourself or you could have the energy to get things done. For others of you, your confident can be up or you could feeling empowered by your accomplishments


This is a good time for business today. Today you have the energy to work on yourself and get things done with this energy. You may feel like cleaning your house or focusing on your goals. This is a great time to go out. Your personal life is more of the focus today. You have common sense with this energy. So you are not quick to jump into new relationships, or you give others good advice or you have good restraint when it comes to word vomit of the mouth. At least your thinking before your reacting