Saturday, January 21, 2017




You can be updating yourself on your career. I feel with this energy, there could be thoughts of going back to school with this energy. At this time you know what you need to do in certain areas of your life. For some of you, you are more about your family. Or you could be spending more time with those who are younger than you. Teaching or guiding with this energy. For some of you this could be on the job training


Watch your emotional self today, try to say whats on your mind, and no not everyone is going to be agreeable with you. Try to find balance or compromise between what makes you happy and what's going to make others feel happy. For others of you, you could feel that others are using you.  


Watch your emotional self today. Not the easiest time for relationships, because others want you to spend time with them. To learn to emotionally connect or to get to know them better. While you have other things that you may want to do today. I feel family get togethers maybe a bit to much for you today, you have little patience for anything. Try to recognize this energy with being impatient with others. Try to go along with what others are doing to conquer the ego.

There is a big emphasis on your fifth house with this energy. You can be more to yourself or more focus on your children or those who are younger than you. Others want to try to connect to you, but for you it feels like they are being noisey. They aren't being noisey they just want to be updated on your life. For others of you, you could be questioning certain friendship, because you are doing and getting nothing in return. Your putting all the work in while they take


You have little to no patience with certain family members. For some of you this could be arguments or disagreements or even being talked into something you don't want to do . This can be with someone who is older than you like mother or another women in your life calling the shots in your life. For others of you, your attention spam is very short so hard for you to get anything done


The focus is more towards home or your emotional self, so careful with your emotional self. Your not communicating your feelings as well. So if something is bothering say something. For some of you property matters can concern you , and also thoughts of moving or making some major changes can come up


I feel with this energy, you can be more on your social media page. For others of you connecting with friends, you can be very talkative with this energy. Also you are in a good headspace with this energy, great energy for the law of attraction or manifesting. For others of you , you are action orientated and cleaning house literally.


With this energy you can be dealing with a friends problem, or you can be hanging out at the home with this energy. You create a very comfortable environment for friends and family alike. You can find yourself giving others good advice with this energy. You can say one thing and mean another with this energy. Also this can be an energy where you are more about your movies


For some of you disagreements with siblings or neighbors can happen. Careful with voicing your opinion on line. For others of you thoughts of the past are coming up which can bring your energy down.For some of you , you need to see big picture instead of that one little problem that is bothering and making you upset

You are quiet and more to yourself with this energy. You can be hanging around more on your social media pages or your gaming life with this energy. For others of you, you could be more focus on your family or spending time enjoying the people around you.


I feel with this energy, expect the unexpected with this energy. There can be a turn of events with your online business. You may have made plans for your Sunday but how quickly does that change. So try to flexible with this energy. For others of you, you could be reinventing yourself or your social media page or your business today.


Lots of energy in your tenth house today there could be disagreements, or a turn of events with certain people in your life. So careful what you say to others. To much fire and to much water creates allot of smoke. For some of you all this steam can create intense flirting, or a really good first date.  At this time try to be adaptable with this energy.