Tuesday, December 27, 2016



With this energy, you can be very impatient with others. Because they could be interfering or in the way with what you want to do. Time to slow the train, it's okay nothing is really happening at this time, and acknowledge the energy around you. Acknowledge the people around you. When you do that you get less resistant with what you want.


I feel at this time, you can call in favors and benefit through the help of your friends to come through for you. This is a beautiful energy time for you with the moon well aspected in the 8th house. This is a time of moving forward with court , or goals with this energy


You have a beautiful air trine going with Venus, so keep the energy positive. For some of you , you benefit through your relationships or partnerships. I feel with this energy you can have difficulties starting a project or starting goals with this energy. It's you versus laziness at this time. Also with this energy, you are getting along better with those who are older than you or those who are in power.


Change is happening today. For others of you , you could get talk into things you don't want to do or are not in your best interest. If you don't feel like doing something say, no. For others the changes or experiences that you'll be going through are about your personal growth, or about your healing with certain past situations or fears


I feel at this time be more about the facts and what is going on in your reality. You may have a difficult time seeing whats really going on around you. Self control is needed with this energy, you tend to be hurtful with your words towards others and scaring them away.


Watch your emotional self today. You tend to check out when your life is overwhelming or complicated. It's hard to you to focus on work with this energy, because you much rather be in your fantasy world or somewhere peaceful. With the moon in the fourth house in the sign of Sagittarius careful because you have no will power nor do you want to change at this time


I feel with this energy, you can be a hypocrite do as I say not as I do kind of energy. So try to be consistent with your words and actions. You have a difficult time being consistent. At this time don't make plans or promises you can't keep. Just play things by ear with this energy. You tend to not have the best focus right now


Good time for business and career with this energy. I feel with this energy, you keep overlooking the redflags or the faults of others. At this time second  or third chances with certain relationships can happen. For some of you, who are in a good place with money. You need to becareful with your spending because it tends to quickly go away with this energy  


You can be eccentric in your way of thinking or doing things; for some of you a bit over the top with your playing around with others. With this energy, you might giving more focus on certain important relationships in your life. You are nurturing or cultivating a stronger bond with this person of power. The planets indicate today some of you are dealing with a spouse , or some one in a position to help you


I feel with this energy you may take initiative with your goals, or pursue what you want at this time. You need to watch your emotional self because some of you this could be a purging or a cleansing of your past relationships. Don't go burning bridges to quickly especially during the mercury retrograde. Try to channel your emotional energy into something constructive at this time.


I feel at this time you are more contemplative about certain things going on in your life, or even about the future. For others of  you, you are more of spiritual guide for the people in your life. For some of you, you could have or thinking about your rivalries with others. Life so short and you have to much going on your plate to deal with pettiness. Think about forgiving and moving just like the other person is probably doing


I feel with this energy, you have an easy time forming relationships with others. Also you have an easier time with others opening up to you and you being honest with them. Saying how you really feel over a situation. With this energy, you benefit through partnerships.