Monday, December 19, 2016



At this time, the challenges that you might be going through are showing some of you. That you need to start turning your life around or do something else because this isn't working for you.  When it comes to work, you stand out from among the rest and bring something unique to the table.


For some of you thoughts of the past can come up with this energy. Your regrets can come out with this energy.  With contemporary self-help techniques, visualization, meditation, affirmation, and the availability of numerous ways to release blocked energies, you can transform your life to face the future with positivist and optimism. Once freed from past restrictions, you can uncover your latent potential.


You have a beautiful air trine happening with this energy. You may find that people in your life are very agreeable with you and what you say makes allot of sense to them. For some of you thoughts can become things with this energy. For others trust your intuition today


Change is happening today, watch your emotional self. Because things happen fast and quick. I  feel that for some of you, you need to be careful because you could be accident prone with this energy.  Try to be more adaptable with the changes that are coming . Also try to keep it positive as well

At this time don't let others talk you out of your money. I know you want to do the right thing but it may not be the best idea later on . For others of you this is you needing to take responsibility for your debts or obligations. At this time you could be feeling emotionally conflicted on one hand you want to and on the other hand you don't. So there could be some emotional stress in regards to that.

I feel with this energy you have a difficult time getting things done or can feel a bit overwhelm with what you have to do. Pace yourself and do a little bit , this could be due to a lack of motivation. Or you may have to much going on to get things done. Also you need to watch your emotional self today . I don't feel you'll sit well until you get things taken care of . Focus on what needs to be done today for emotional peace  


Cock those brains before you shoot that mouth off. You just say the first thing that comes to your mind. This could lead to allot of problems with others. For some of you this could be a confusing time or there are things you want to do at this time. But involves your freedom or your security and thats were the conflict lies. At this time if your thinking about just trust yourself as  the yellow light is on. This is not the time to move forward with new ideas at this time.

Watch your emotional self today. For some of you this can be a stressful time with this energy. Dont expect anything to go right at this time. With this energy, you do get along well with others. For some of you, you can talk your way into and out of any situation. For some of you, you could be receiving good news today. This would be a great time for the power of prayer


Mars is highlighted in your fourth house . The focus are on the men in your life need your attention to do. I feel with this energy, they may lean on you a bit more or need your help with this energy. For some of you, you could feel like you are carrying the weight of certain relationships. I feel with this energy, you need to slow down today. Because others may have you think there is a crisis when they are just having a melt down


Watch your emotional self today , you could be in a funk or just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Your not very communicative today and prefer to work alone or be alone with this energy. With this energy, your personal life, home or family may need you today. You may feel conflicted because this deals with your time. Try to adapt to the situation to alleviate any unnecessary fight that can transpire.


I feel with this energy there can be wrenches thrown in your day. These problems can mentally stress you out. Because these are problems that you have to close up. Watch your emotional self today , try to relax more and go more with the flow and rest with this energy. With this energy, this can also be an empowering time or a time were you can speak your peace, and make peace with a person in your life or a situation


I feel with this energy, your nurturing side is out but you may feel like others are using you. Or you could be questioning other people motivates or agenda with you. I feel for some of you with careers that are online , or the bloggers. You may feel like other dismiss what you do or even are being dismissive towards you at work today. Or others may not be respectful of your time