Thursday, December 8, 2016


Tonight Weekly Horoscopes love you all 


Moon moves into your sign,changes with relationships are happening. Especially with those on again and off again relationship. So let them go , they'll be back next Uranus retrograde.For others of you major changes are happening with this energy through others. Or this could be a turn of events


Watch your emotional self today, you don't say what's on your mind and allow things to bottle up. Talk about your feelings instead of repressing them. For some of  you , this energy deals with second chances with this energy. For others of you, your way of thinking about certain situations or philosophies may change. You are more open to change with this energy


You have a mystical rectangle today you have potential energy here to make changes . I feel for some of you, you have an opportunity to teach those who are young than you or you have an opportunity to put your energy on your children. I feel with this energy, you teach others today how to be independent and to be resilient in times of crisis. People in your life look towards you to help them figure out theirs.


Change is happening today, you need to becareful how you talk to those in authority. Your stubbornness with your way of thinking and what you want may get you in trouble. So knowing this try to bend like a palm tree today. Neptune is highlighted with this energy, trust your intuition because they may lead you to opportunities. For others of you, delving more into your creativity or into your spirituality.


Beautiful fire trine energy is happening with this energy, still moving forward with what you want. Thoughts do become things with this energy, so try to keep your thoughts positive. Mars is still well aspected in your seventh house. For some of you, people in your life are more in a place of yes, and tend to listen to what the King and Queen ask from them.


Powerstruggles with love relationships today or relationships in general. You could feel like your doing all the work in the relationship while the other person does nothing or gives little in return. For others of you , you could be hearing about this in your relationship. That your not putting in your effort or it seems like your trying to disconnect.  


For some of you, you could see all your hard work and efforts are paying off. For others of you the focus is more towards home, child custody battles, or property matters with this energy. For others of you powerstruggles with family members at this time. For some of you change is happening but you may not like how quickly everything is happening . Or for some of you being pressured to make a decision


Midheaven is forming a Yod today in the sign of Leo. I feel with this energy you can be your own worst enemy. Try to be honest with yourself and your feelings and go more with what feels right to you. You can cause blockages with what you want today. I feel also with this energy you need to watch your emotional self . May be start to look back in the past and giving yourself permission to move on from past hurts


I feel with this energy, you are playful to an extent, and than you can take what other people say to you very seriously with this energy. For some of you, the focus is more towards your children and whats going on with them. I feel with this energy, you are inspired when you take care of others. Or you may find that problems tend to resolve themselves. When you are not focusing on your problems.


Watch your emotional self today , your fourth house is highlighted today. I  feel with this energy, you are to think more on your feet. For some of this energy brings a turn of events in regards to your personal life or your home. Also with this energy, this is a time of taking initiative with this energy.


Watch your emotional self and the decisions you make based on your emotions. I feel with this energy, you point out whats wrong with certain rules at work or with social injustice. You could debate about them. For others of you , you are a pioneer in your field, or you take on more of a leadership role in your career field.


You have a big heart and you nurture your relationships. For some of you , you are a giver of your resources and your time, so watch your spending. I feel with this energy, you are there for others in your life. For others of you , you help other people grow during this time. For some of you , this energy is positioning or turning you in a direction you should be going in