Sunday, December 4, 2016



Major decisions are coming because of trust issues with this energy. But for now they are more thought than action.For others of you thoughts of moving to a different state and country could be coming up with this energy. I feel at this time life is going to have some opportunities that can open or even twist in turns. Try to go more with the flow with this energy. Expect to give an interview, legal testimony or lecture that has a profound impact on the lives of many people.For some of you, you might be more about your freedom at this time. You can't stand others who criticize you, so you look more towards your freedom at this time


With this energy, you have a better level of self control with this energy. For some of you , negotiations and litagations seem to go your or reach a compromise. At this time, you could have something that you want to do in regards to career or business. The cards are giving me a green light, and saying to stick too it. For some of you, you could meet someone who is important to the company you work for . For others of you , a brush with some one famous. For others a new love interest may take up all your time and seem very exciting for you


Emphasis on money worries are coming up for some of you. For others of you material success with this energy. I feel with this energy, people are more willing to listen to what you have to say. And also may help you out during this time period. I feel also for some of you a life altering experience can happen . Possibility of getting pregnant can happen so try to protect yourself if your not trying too. Also this could be the birth of new ideas with this energy.  Also with this energy, focus on whats going on with you and not what is going on with every one else. This week love opportunities are coming up. For some of you this person you knew in a previous life


Your focus this week our towards your relationships. For some of you , you are dealing with court this week. Which I feel will go in your favor but you may still have a long way to go .  For others of you thoughts of collaborations are coming up. Or even thoughts of career changes .I see also for some of you good news coming your way with this energy. Not the easiest energy when dealing with a group of people . I see you are allowing these people to get the best of you. Sometimes you have to take the high road and ignore them.  Your newfound creativity will garner much praise.


With this energy, you could be involved in some kind of scandal, cheating or fraud this week . Do keep your information or paper trail on hand with this energy. I feel also someone in your life maybe become very critical of you . for others of you I see on the job training and money opportunities presenting themselves. Even though others will be against your decision, and it's unpopular decision. In the end you had every right to stubborn and you were right . The cards are acknowledging that you had nothing to do with the outcome of this situation. Also shows you are the victim in this situation.


This week your personal touches will be adding to your success.For some of you, someone is stealing or taking credit for your work. For others of you, you can turn hobbies into money making opportunities. For some of you, you could be relocating during this time period. Even if it is only temporary. For others of you , this could be more of thought than an action. It's more in regards to career that you'll be moving . Your intuition will guide you to a better place and you will ultimately see the quick shift in your world as a good thing.


This can be a stressful week for you. I feel at this time you have allot of decision up in the air. For some of you court or negotiations go more in your favor. For others keep a paper trail at work. I feel for some someone is twisting your words.A creative effort or a project at work or school will garner attention and acclaim for you. I feel with this energy, the cards give hope to those of you who are going through at this time. Foretells a great creative breakthrough. You are not afraid to show off a bit and mock those stuck on an ordinary life's path.


I feel with this energy you could teach someone a valuable lesson with this energy.  I feel for others of you, you could be dealing with someone who is very assertive, and possibly a heavy drinker . I feel this person wants things done a particular way. Or wants to communicate to you in a particular. For others of you people in your life are promoting and trying to help you grow. For those of you, who can't seem to get your work shown .This week you are going to see what you need to do  to still be creative but to also to make for your creativity. For others of you finding your true calling


There is a good indicator in the cards of your success. With this energy you are about your friends and family and going out of your way to help them out. Also with this energy you are able to see things all the way through especially certain goals and with career. I feel also the burden you are carrying you are going to have to carry it a little while longer. I feel also this week you may want to delegate task to others as something are more of a burden . Try not to put so much on your plate this week


I see allot of changes are happening at this time. I  see you wanting to leave a particular group of people behind. I see also major decisions are being made or need to be made at this time. But you might not be making any decisions as a way to control a particular situation. While you are focusing on other areas of your life. Something you've been wanting becomes more in your reach . For some of you second chances with miss opportunities.  With this energy this week, you'll receive valuable insight into your journey. Pertaining to a certain situation the ball is in your court this week


This week try to becareful who you complain or emotional dump on because this energy can be very draining on to others. Other people in your life might stop talking to you because of it . I feel also money opportunities become available to you. I feel at this time when you need money to pay a bill it shows up last minute. For others of you someone in your life may  become critical of you/ This could be because of career decisions or someone from your past like an ex is coming back.


I feel this week the focus is on career and money. For those of you with businesses this is a great time for business and growth. For others of you career opportunities present themselves. But at this time you aren't quick to jump into new opportunities.  I feel also new love opportunities present themselves, but you may have to try to assert yourself in the relationship. I feel also with this energy, you continue doing what you are doing whether it offends people or not. The only people that count are the higher ups and they like what you are doing