Monday, December 5, 2016




I feel with this energy, you could be following your intuition at this time. For others of you, you could be bouncing ideas off of others. Or you can benefit through partnerships or friends with this energy. Watch your emotional self at this time you can be your own worst enemy. If you don't know what direction you want to go in. Others could be trying to steer you in a direction . For others you could be planning a get together or an event


With the moon transiting your 11th house. You tend to go along with group; just be careful not to loose your individuality. For others of you, you are bouncing ideas off others and feeling inspired. You could feel used especially in regards to love relationship or where money is involved. At this time don't be quick to say to others, it's okay to say no.


North node conjunct with the fourth house, you have to do things that make you happy with this energy. When you are more about your health , well being or creating a happy environment for your family luck is sure to follow. Also with this energy, you could be trying to prove yourself to others, or to prove your worth. Don't do this because it will not be successful for you. Instead focus on what makes you happy today


You are being guided by your intuition with this energy. You also need to becareful with doing to much. Because it can make you feel mentally exhausted. You are a bit of perfectionist and bit hard on yourself with this energy. For others of you try to relax more with work because you may let work stress you out. Don't let it stress you, it's not the whole basis of life.  


I feel with this energy , either work or relationships or even certain court orders may having you feel stuck or restricted. Or you could feel restricted at this time with money. For some of you, this could be an empowering time and you could find this through your art. For others of you , you could have emotional epiphanies


Challenges with relationships are coming up today. I feel with this energy, you know how to get your way with others or certain people. With this energy you could take more of a leadership role at work or even at home. The focus is more towards your personal relationship. You tend to be very adaptable to them with this energy


You need to becareful with this energy, because you tend overthink or worry about everything. Try to go more with the flow with this energy. With this energy you have more initiative with what you want done. For some of you, you could be focusing more on your children or those who younger than you. You tend to make things happen today


Your focus is more towards others with this energy. You can be quite impatient when it comes to not getting what you want. For others of you, you have allot of ideas that you want to do but don't know where or how to start them. Power Struggles with certain relationships can come up . I feel also with this energy, you are not a passing victim in a situation. You need to own your part no matter how small


With this energy try not to assume with this energy. I feel at this time, you are trying to second guess other people moves or even motivates, waste of time. I feel with this energy you could be butting heads with someone that you don't have anything in common with . I feel at this time you need to go more with the flow with this energy


Watch your emotional self today. I feel at this time you could be more in your feelings. You could be emotionally confused with this energy.  Not the best day to make decisions. For some of you, you may not get allot done today. Because you tend to put things off till last minute


Watch your emotional self it might dictate your money situation. I feel with this energy, you could be trying to move in a different direction, or your opinions don't match with the group. I feel that this could be alienating time because you want to be different and stand out from the crowd. Sometimes when you do that , it doesn't make you any friends   


Today you are action orientated, you could be taking more initiative and getting things done today.  You could be focusing all of your energy at this time on a specific goal . This can be a busy day for you, and it may feel like not enough time to get things done. For others of you, you could feel like your being pulled in to many directions