Monday, December 12, 2016



Full moon in the sign of Gemini. Watch your emotional self with this energy. You have a mystical rectangle with this energy. If you have friends that owe you favors call them out. For others of you, ask and you shall receive. Like literally ask someone for the opportunity to grow, or if you feel the need to speak to someone because you think they can help you do it.  For others of you, thoughts become things with this energy keep it positive tap into faith


Beautiful energy you have a mystical rectangle which is potential change and energy to tap into today. You have a beautiful air trine with your money sector. For some of you , you benefit through you giving energy. When you focus on other people's problems your problems tend to resolve themselves.  For others of you, this energy brings about career growth , and money opportunities at this time. You could be very creative with this energy.


This is a beautiful air trine energy today. Trust your intuition with this energy. You could be guided by your intuition with this energy. Also with this energy this would be a good time to play lotto win $5 dollar ticket. You are very creative with your energy. Some of these can be new art projects that you want to start. For others of you this could be money making ideas with this energy. For some of you this is a great time to start new projects.  


You have beautiful kite energy .you are very motivated to make certain changes in your life. You speak your mind more with this energy, and you get things done . This energy shows that your hard work is paying off with career. I feel with this energy, also some hopes and wishes can come true with this energy.


Beautiful energy day , you benefit more through your relationships or others so be sure to ask for help some of you. You do have a beautiful air trine so this would be a good day to work on the law of attraction with this energy. This can be a time for initiating plans, travelling is coming up for some of you. For others of you lots of socializing with this energy.


Your relationship sector is highlighted today. I feel the focus maybe more about your relationships with others. Being more involved with their problems with this energy. For others of you , you do have a beautiful air trine. With lucky jupiter in your second house trine. Beautiful time for career and growth , great energy for those of you with online business. This is a great time to play lotto win $5 dollar ticket today


You have a beautiful air trine to do with the full moon in Gemini in the ninth house. Try to keep this energy positive, manifest with this energy, prayer with this energy. This is a great night to receive prophetic dreams, to be guided by your intuition. I feel with this energy, it's very difficult to argue with you because you do make valid points with this energy


You need to watch your emotional self with this energy. You could feel like your not getting your fair share in a situation or you could feel the weight of your responsibilities. With the challenges you may have to go through to do. Some of them have something to teach you in order for you to grow.  Also with this energy, you have a better understanding on how someone else thinks.


I feel with this energy, you explain things to others very well, and you can bridge gaps due to cultural differences.  For some of you, you are taking risk at this time , and it proves to work in your favor. I feel also with this energy, you could be a pioneer in your career field with this energy. For others of you plans for short trips can happen


You have a beautiful energy with your money sector today. Than you have a beautiful mystical rectangle today. At this time you could have allot of ideas and good ideas for pretty much everything. For some of you this is a great time for career. People look to you for guidance and your expertise with this energy. Moon is trine Jupiter in the sixth house. This would be an awesome type to tap into the law of attraction and focus more on yourself and your good energy


This is a beautiful energy time for you as well . Trust your intuition with this energy, and you benefit from this energy when you help others . I feel also when you socialize and have fun things seem to work themselves out, or you could find this to be a lucky day with sparks of miracles. With Jupiter in your ninth house this would be a great day. To get your juju, your hoodoo, voodoo or Santeria on.


Gorgeous energy here you have  a beautiful kite energy, and a mystical rectangle. So this means that some of you could be led by your intuition . Which will lead to opportunities. Or this full moon energy means new beginnings for some of you. Your money situation getting better, or business is grow with this energy. Or you are taking more initiative with your ideas that you want to do , and your working on your ideas with this energy. Also with this energy what ever you set your mind too, you can do.