Tuesday, December 20, 2016



Moon moves into your seventh house, causing confusion with relationships. Before you feel the need to react or say something nasty to hurt someone , pause. Because it can cause a chain reaction or you may regret what you said today. I feel you could be looking for respect with certain relationships or even an apology and your not going to get it . For some of you this is a time of getting rid of certain people in your life


What ever vision or expectations you have at this time, erase them, because thats not your situation nor the reality of your situation.Also for some of you need to learn to say no. Especially if your feeling like others are taking advantage of you, or using you. Watch your emotional self today and be more about the present and try to be adaptable to the changes coming along today  


With this energy you could feel restricted in regards to the way you express yourself or you could be more about freedom with this energy. For some of you, you are very creative with this energy. You are working smarter not harder today. For others of you , you can come up with money making ideas. For others of you, this can be a social time for you


You are still going through changes at this time that started yesterday. You can be super sensitive to the energies that are around , or take what other people say to you personally. With this energy, you could have difficult time with the women in your life. It could be a contest of who does more or who does what. Personal and family life are highlighted with this energy


Watch your emotional self today. I feel with this energy, you need to becareful about how much you do or give in relationships. For some of you, you might be emotionally dumped on with this energy so try to keep a time limit on the amount of dumping being done. For others of you, you could be doing a lot in relationship and not getting anything in return. Try not to make promises you wont keep  


You have a beautiful air trine today with your 2,6,10 so keep it positive. Try to be more adaptable and go more with the flow instead of controlling situations around you. I feel at this time, instead of looking at the wrongs of others , you need to own your part in the situation;no matter how small. For some of you, you could be repeating certain situations


I feel with this energy, for some of you could be dealing with court today, and you fight for whats right .For others of you, you are a guide to help others in their situation. I feel with this energy, you need to be careful with your relationships. People in your life could have you picking sides with this energy. Or their could be powerstruggles with your children or friends.  


I feel with this energy you prefer to be more to yourself today. For some of you, you enjoy quiet hobbies such as writing,art, or etc. You might have a difficult time today sorting out your feelings . Especially in regards to your true values versus egos values. At this time , it's more of a time of reflection in regards to what you want and where you see yourself going


Careful with this energy, for some of you this can cause you to be inconsistent with your emotional self, or with what you are promising others. I feel also with this energy, you could have resentment towards some of your relationships. Certain relationships can be strained with this energy. Because you two or the group don't have some kind of common ground to stand on


Neptune is highlighted in your third house trust your intuition today. For some of you, you need to be more about facts today than assuming things. This is a great time for writers, or bloggers with this energy. For others you might be more about your fantasy world with this energy .Stay in the present today because you tend to overthink things, or you might be looking for a fight because you have nothing to do.


With this energy you need to watch your emotional self, because you are definitely checking out today. You can be forgetful and not paying attention to what you are doing. Jupiter in your ninth house is highlighted today, so you can be super sensitive to the energies around you. For some of you, you could be a psychic sponge. Meaning if someone is in a bad mood or even rowdy that you maybe become that way too. The moon is in your ninth house focus on your spirituality


In regards to your relationships in general try to keep it real. At this time certain relationships that you think your tight and this person has your back may need rethinking. They are going to show they don't have your back. And your really not cool like that with them. At this time the universe is trying to show you , your reality and who are the people you can  rely on.And who will be there for you.  Also, the universe is showing you , your place with in this group.or this energy is teaching you how to be self reliant