Tuesday, December 13, 2016



Today with the moon in Cancer. You have the mystical rectangle. For some of you, this is potential ideas that you have to put into actions. For others of you, you could feel the need to initiate or start new projects today. Or this could be a day that you fix or focus on certain areas of your life that need taken care of .


There could be some emotional confusion or some major decisions coming up with this energy. Before jumping into the next thing, why not sleep on it or get a second opinion before moving forward. For others of you, you could be following your intuition today or you may have some dejavu moments.


I feel with this energy, this could be a fun time planning to do things with others. Or you could be thinking about starting a new creative project with this energy. You could be in the need to have a bit of social life today and go out and do something with others. The focus is more like I need to go out and hangout with my friends like now.


I feel with this energy, you need to watch your emotional self. Who ever has to leave your life let them go because these people could have been taking advantage of you, or creating problems that you don't need. I feel also with this energy, you want to do the right thing but at the sametime you want your space and freedom. For some of you, don't make promises you can't keep, and don't obligate yourself to anything you don't want to do


I feel with this energy, you are not in a playing mood, and you take what others say to personally with this energy. So try to take what others say like a water to a ducks back. I feel with this energy, you could have nervous energy so try to relax and go more with the flow with this energy. You could have allot of ideas or things you want to do today. But you may not know when to start  


I feel for some of you, this is a great time to communicate with others especially on media or social media. You could find people are more agreeable with what you say and tend to go along with what you are doing. For others of you, you could feel like initiating new projects around the home, or could start working on your health or diet today


I feel the focus is more towards your children today, and more involvement with them or those who are younger than you. For some of you change is happening at this time for better or worst , so try to go more with the flow. Powerstruggles with relationships, because you may feel like you are to giving or doing allot more in the relationship. For others of you this could be thoughts of moving coming up because you feel uncomfortable being in the home with that person  


I feel with this energy, there is this opportunity to grow and do the right thing, but than there is this side of you. That wants everything to stay the same. This could be because it's not in your control and it's someone else doing or say so. Which is making you fight or feel uncomfortable or confused with change.  Powerstruggles are coming up today, and it's because your not controlling the situation someone else is  


I feel with this energy you prefer to work alone with this energy. You may find that some of your best ideas come when your hanging out with those who are younger than you , or with your own children. For others of you, your creative side comes out when you are to yourself. For some of you, this could feel more like purpose filled day , for others of you taking on a more leadership role and for others feeling accomplished in your field of expertise


Beautiful energy time for career, and business. I feel for some of you , you treat the ones you love out with this energy or you could do something very special for them. Careful with relationships in general you may feel like you are carrying all the weight in the relationship.I feel for others of you , you could be a bit accident prone with this energy, so watch what your doing today  


This can be a very social time for you today. You are more about your family and what's going on with them. Even for  some of you having more involvement today in their life. For others of you the focus is more towards your friendships. Today you don't make the best decisions so try to get a second opinion before jumping into something new. Impulsiveness sometimes doesn't end with the best outcome  


For some of you, you could be going into a new direction in regards to your business or career. for others of you, you are changing courses in your life at this time for the better. For others of you this is a time of moving forward with your career. For some of you, you are going through changes at this time with some unexpected twists and turns but for the better . So everything has its reason and purpose do try to go more with the flow