Sunday, December 11, 2016




Things seem to go in your favor today with this energy. It's a time to move forward direction today. I feel with this energy, it brings about new experiences and new situations.  For some of you , you benefit through the women in your life. For those of you in social media or media this is a time of growth. You are very popular today , and people seem to want to do favors for you.


I feel with this energy you need to bend a little in order to get what you want. Also watch who you are speaking too today because public opinion may not agree or be on board with your choices. For some of you, you need to becareful with how you treat others or speak to them , because you can be or sound bossy with this energy. Today at work don't watch what others are or not doing instead focus on what you are doing  


Trust your intuition today, you do have a beautiful air trine happening with this energy. Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts can become things. Also with this energy the focus is more towards family and friends. For some of you, you might go above and beyond for a friend, and they  will prove very grateful for this act of kindness.


Change is happening today, or even a turn of events with this energy . I feel at this time you need to pull back. I understand you want something or things to go your way. But you pushing an issue or trying to get things your way, and not thinking about the group. Can have repercussions. At this time try to think everyone involved before making your next move, and careful how you speak to others today  


You have a beautiful kite energy in your chart. This is a great time to make things happen, watch your emotional self because you have to much good going on. You have jupiter in your third house so thoughts become things keep it positive. Today you could be receiving good news, or treated with the respect that you deserve


At this time allot is not being said that needs to be said. All this lack of communication about your feelings could be causing problems with relationships. Also power struggles with relationships are coming with this energy.  I feel for some of you , you could be lucky with money today 


I feel with this energy, you are very hungry and go after your goals. Also with this energy, you are communicate more with family and making plans with them. For others of you going out of your way for family with this energy. For some of you nurturing your relationships at work ,  


I feel with this energy you could be guided by your intuition and jumping on to new opportunities today. Today you don't like to be told what to do , you may feel stuck in your situation. Every situation is different but patience is a virtue that should be practice. I feel with this energy love issues are coming up , and powerstruggles with love. Try to bend to the other rather than see who controls the relationships, because thats not a love relationship


I feel with this energy, you benefit through friends and family. I feel you could be receiving good news from them, or they could be doing some kind of favor for you. I feel with this energy, you could be assuming things , try to get your facts first before moving forward. I feel for others of you, talk a bit more or smile , because you seem unapproachable at this time. You may feel like everyone is trying to avoid they aren't . But you are giving out those stay away from me vibes


With this energy, this is a great time for business and moving forward with career.Watch your way of thinking with this energy. The moon is in Gemini, you tend to take things to personally, and than it becomes a very negative situation. I feel at this time you need to forgive and let go of certain people with this energy. I feel at this time, you need to slow down and read what you are signing today


You can be the peacekeeper or negotiator of your group. You bring different views, and different ways of thinking to your group. For some of you, you could be talking about someone in your life who has a different back ground from you or belief today. For others of you, introducing people to each other. For others of you, you could be stepping into something that is very foreign to you.


Business is looking good today, meaning a busy time with clients and money coming in.  Moon in Gemini today , you may not be getting along with certain people at this time. Watch your emotional self and the choices you make. Allow that person to be negative, you have a choice to be positive or to be negative. Why feed in , into another person's energy, not worth it .