Sunday, December 11, 2016




It's a mix bag of energy this week . I feel for some of you the focus is more towards your relationships especially with love. I see you need to becareful with your way of looking at things.Try to be more about where the other person is coming from. Put yourself in that person shoes. I see an on again off again relationship coming back. But this person maybe still dating other people. Trying to work out their feelings about you. I see this week in regards to court or career that things work out in your favor with this energy. Also in regards to love, I feel that for some of you, you partner maybe changing their way of doing things. Don't worry because your assuming the worst. They could be just changing their routine because they are bored


I feel with this energy, a chapter of your life is ending on a sour note, hopefully the new beginnings start on a good one. Not to worry I see emotional contentment, and also emotional stability because of your money situation getting better. Do keep it humble with this energy, because you can have an air of your better than others this week. I feel for some of you, in regards to love you could be someone's type even though you don't think you are. I feel for others of you, love opportunities can happen this week or this could be with an old love. Because I see others not so happy about this person you are bringing into your reality .


With this energy , your relationships with others may change. You could be involved in family drama where you must choose teams. Or your relationships with a certain person could change this could also be with love. I feel for some of you, this is going to be a fun time dating with this energy. I feel also you need to really think about your next move before jumping into a new situation. I feel with this energy it's going to cause some major turn of event in your life .You do have major changes coming up so try to go more with the follow. I do see peaceful negotiations happening with this energy, and also a good period of time for those of you in court.


With this energy, I see two people stuck in their way of thinking, and in a powerstruggle. I feel with this energy it could be about career or court with this energy. I feel that even though you are struggling emotionally with this issue. I feel you  should try to direct your thoughts else where. I do see the money situation getting better with this energy . Career is getting better with this energy. Focus on the things that make you happy and that you can control. I feel with this energy, there could be some major changes. For some of you this has to deal with the government or with court with this energy or even career.At this time try to be adaptable to the changes that are happening this week


I feel with this energy , you can get every one to be on team #LEO . I feel also with this energy you are going to have a fun time, but it's more in your control. Beautiful energy time for you, it shows that you are crossing over to a better chapter. Unencumbered by your past.  I feel for some of you, your love partner may set restrictions and boundaries on you with this energy. I feel for others of you second source of income is coming . This could be through your partner. I feel for others of you benefit through partnerships this week.. I do see major decisions coming up but this is all about your journey. So there is no wrong answer because its your journey


This week new love is coming into your life with this energy. For others of you dealing with love relationships. I feel in regards to love relationships no changes will be made at this time. I feel for some of you, you could discover an interesting way to make money. I feel with this energy, you still maintain power and control over a situation. The cards want you to know this week you are master of your own destiny. I do see confrontation happening this week , but silence is your best weapon with this energy. I feel with this energy, you have allot of jealous around about the recent good energy that has come into your life. Keep your complaining about how bad you have it . Because the eyes see otherwise


With this energy the ball is in your court this week . I do see in love there are suitors to choose from . One is from your past and the other one is in your present . For others of you this could be about career paths and opportunities may present themselves to you. But one of the opportunities becoming available requires you to travel a bit of distance from where you live. I feel that you may be refusing a position of authority because you know it's not worth it. Or because it represent change that your not willing to make at this time. Also try to step back from a situation, and look at all you have . Try to focus on the good things in your life instead of  that one thing that is causing you to feel annoyed or some kind of negative emotion


Patience is needed in love relationships or waiting for a job interview to happen. I feel for some of you, mastering a specific  area of your life this has to do more with your relationships, or even with your creativity. This is a great week for love relationships and new ones coming in. It's puts you in a good emotional space. When your mind is at play you come up with solutions to get you out of certain situations. Make sure you change your mind set if you feel stuck this week .  For others of you I feel others know what your problem is , all you have to do is ask nicely


I feel with this energy, you could be walking away from certain relationships in your life. But you may want to think it over before leaving the relationship. I feel for some of you , this could be more of a regret thing later on. So try to get a third or second opinion before ending certain situations in your life. I feel with this energy, I do see you wanting to end a situation in your life. This could be from quitting your job or ending a relationship. More than likely quitting a job for some of you. I feel with this energy, you are also very giving of your time and resources with this energy. For some of you, you could be establishing order or balance in certain parts of your life


Lots of ideas are coming up with this energy. For some of you, you need to becareful with destroying a good thing especially with love relationships. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. I feel with this energy as well. This can be a really great week for you so just go with the flow at this time. I feel for some of you, you have nothing going on at this time. Could be looking for fight when there is none. So at this time look for things to do to preoccupy your mind like:volunteering, exercising, and ets.  I see love relationships and new love relationships are the focus this week. I feel for some of you, good news is coming your way in regards to career, or contracts.


Lots going on with your relationships especially at work. You could be reevaluating certain relationships in your group . Also with this energy , you might even be walking away from certain people in your life. I feel at this time someone from your past is coming back. I feel this person is a very sensitive and takes things personal. I feel that there is a possibility of a reconciliation with this person. I feel with this energy, you could be vengeance or feel like you have to hurt someone. But really it's your negative energy so why ruin your beautiful alignment with jupiter in the ninth house, just saying. Also I do see a mastery over specific situations going on in your life.


For some of you , you can be very sentimental about the past. For others of you, objects or talking about the past this week.Kind of makes you hang on to the past a bit. Careful with this energy because it can also cause depression. I feel at this time, you are unable to move or make moves because you have someone else helping you or financially supporting. I feel at this time, you must keep a mask of strength and not others see you struggle at this time. All eyes are on you and it can be an overwhelming time. Try not to complain because others can't see or understand emotionally what you are going through. I do see trials and tribulations this week but the cards want you to know that you are protected