Tuesday, December 6, 2016



You could feel very organized with this energy. For some of you starting new projects or being guided by your intuition. Expect the unexpected today. You could be meeting up with friends randomly.Or you may receive some unexpected good news today. For others of you a new experience is coming or starting today


I feel with this energy, you are able to get along with others, or deal with clients. Because you know instinctively what other people want. This is a great energy for those in sells. I feel with this energy, you have opportunities here to hang out with others, or have get togethers. People want to see you at this time. For others of you, you could be planning a get together


You have a beautiful air trine today with Mars. Trust your intuition and follow those hunches, and keep it positive. You could even  thinking of something and than it randomly appears today. You may have tons of ideas that you want to pursue or you could start a new project today


Get to know someone first before putting them in a box. Careful how you treat others with this energy. Your stubbornness might be causing problems or conflicts with others. Try to be flexible or at least compromise. You do have the T-square with your 4,7,and 10th house. Instead of nurturing relationships , you want to control them


Watch your  emotional self today. Uranus in the ninth house is highlighted by the part of fortune. You must really think before you leap be a bit more cautious in what you are doing today. With this energy, you are a bit more assertive with what you want. You still have that beautiful fire trine today as well. This is a time of moving forward


Try to be more about facts than trying to assume things with others. I feel that for some of you , there is an end of a tunnel to your situation. For others of you a glimmer of hope to a particular situation in your life. For some of you, you could be passing on your knowledge to some one else today. For others of you this could be dealing with on the job training


I feel with this energy, you are very cautious with new opportunities coming your way. Or even when people put you on the stop , for favors. You have to think about it. You don't give definitive answers.For others of you new information is coming in which you need to slowly digest before moving forward or making your next move.


I feel certain experiences may reshape your beliefs with this energy. For others of you , you are dealing with an it's complicated relationship. With this energy, you could be getting your life back on track or recuperating today. Also try to keep track of your cell phone, paper work or your car, or car keys. You can be a bit forgetful today


For some of you , you could be a good shoulder to cry on today . I feel for others of you, you are very giving in your relationships. You may even be taking care of other people's children or a bit more nurturing with your own. For others of you this could be spoiling your pets.


Change is happening today with this energy. Who ever has to leave your life at this time let them. With this energy, you need to becareful with your reactive. You tend to hold on to grudges with this energy. Mars in Aquarius is in a beautiful aspect great time for business with this energy. You could be very creative with this energy


I feel with this energy , you could be quick to pounce on others, don't go assuming with this energy. Try to get all your facts before you pounce. For some of you this can be a popular energy time for you. So lots of invites or people wanting to reach out to you today. For others of you a great time for media or social media


Business can pick up today with this energy.I feel with this energy, you could be dealing with anxiety today. Try to stay in the present. Don't allow other people's reactive and bitterness affect your good and your personal growth. For others you could be guided by your intuition, so trust yourself and follow your hunches