Tuesday, February 21, 2017


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Careful with the earth signs in your life. There could be powerstruggles or fights that can happen with this energy. Because your trying to be patient when it comes to others, or your trying to be sympathetic . You might be tired of them leaning on you so much for support or hearing the same story over again. Today you might create your boundary or explode on them. Patience and creating boundaries with others is needed today. If they leave that fine , they will be right back  


Be open and bend today, and bend. You seem to be refusing another person's opinions or see a situation in a different way. After all the fighting is all said and done, what the person was trying to say or even a different way of doing things is going to make sense. So instead of fighting the energies or fighting with other people. Try to understand where they are coming from.

For some of you this can be a day of your mind being blown. As certain situations or even conversation lead to a new way of thinking or new way of doing things. For some of you, you can even see certain patterns and you are able to stop these patterns from happen or at least be better prepared for them. For some of you this is a great time to take initiative at work. Or to get certain things done , like fix other people's lives or get them more on the straight and narrow path.  


For some of you, you could have an emotional connection to a situation or a new person in your life. You could be questioning where have I seen this place before or it could feel familiar. For some of you, you know exactly what you need to do to make things or to get your way. You do well with crisis situations today.

Expect the unexpected today with this energy or even with the people in your life. Some people could surprise you today. Or you can hear from someone you haven't spoken too in a long time. For others of you careful with those in authority because you don't like to be told what to do . Or it could be the tone they take with you that can get you reactive. This feeling of being rush and someone needing something done now can get you reactive.  


Not the easiest energy today especially with dealing with others. Try to communicate your needs with others. You can't control others or fix  them instead plant seeds and walk away. This energy brings about changes with relationships. Because your not willing to change certain things about yourself in order for the relationship to work. Since last year this has been the energy of emotionally changing the self . So take this opportunity to whom who ever is making you reactive. It's time to look at you and start making some changes with you. Because it's causing blockage and mental unrest for some of you. North is getting ready to enter your 12th house which is all about being humble


This energy brings a deep emotional transformation with the self especially with the emotional self. This is a good thing because this can bring self realizations or a removal of onion skin that you can let go of . For others of you the focus is towards home, family and your personal life and putting out the flames in that area of your life.


For some of you people could be asking you for advice with this energy. For others of you, you could be like a jack of all trades with this energy.  For some of you this energy brings about a major turn of events that can be out of your control. Try to go with the flow today. For some of you this energy is about endings and new beginnings.


You can be accident prone today or forgetful with this energy. Try to slow down and slow your way of thinking because you are in a hurry for everything and it's not helping you to get things done. For some of you, this is a great time with career. You really do have a mind for business, this is a great energy time for negotiations with this energy.


Change is happening today with this energy. A turn  of events can happen with this energy in regards to home and personal life. With this energy, watch your personal or physical energy because this can be a busy day. You can over exert yourself, so try to take five minutes and do nothing or meditate. Today everything is rush , rush , rush.  


Remember everything is cause and effect. So make sure to really be self aware of your actions. For some of you this can be the straw that broke the camels back. Or your going to say whats really been bothering you or on your mind. And your going to see how this was all a big misunderstanding or this can blow up in your face. So tred lightly , and you get more with honey than you do with spit and vinegar.  


Careful with the earth signs in your life, they could be stirring up trouble or even be in some kind of drama with this energy. For some of you they could be taking this energy out on you. It's best to ignore and not let them bother you.For others of you certain situations call for drastic changes at this time , and this could be by your own hand. For some of you other people may have to get involve to help you out.