Friday, February 10, 2017


Lunar Eclipse  which ends 2:53 UTC TIME 


For some of you, you are focus on your goals or you can be a bit of a Debby Downer with this energy. So watch your emotional self today and try to lighten up with this energy. You can be all about getting your way which you will just be about other people's needs too. With this energy brings about a turn of events with relationships. You can be quick to end relationships. Let words roll of your back today  


Thoughts of moving can come up for some of you. The focus is more towards the home and being creative at the home. At this time don't put yourself on schedule because than you'll feel stuck. Instead allow yourself today to do what feels right. You can be a great rock for someone to lean on today, for others of you a great mentor or leader with this energy 


Lots of communication going on today. For others of you this is a great time for media or social media. With this energy you benefit through others or those who are older than you. Also for some of you could be guided by your intuition. This can be a fun day to get out and socialize. For others of you this is a good day for money making ideas. Or even new love opportunities can come up with this energy 


You do have a stellium  in your 10th house today so this can be difficulties with the men in your life or those in authority. You can be very independent with this energy and more about what you want to do.Learn to compromise with this energy. For others of you, this is a great time for business with this energy .   


This is a great time for relationships , you offer support in relationships and allow others to grow and be their own unique self and develop and encourage that. For some of you, you could have a memorable event that you soon wont forget with this energy.For some of you, you are able to go through any types of loss or separation with a spiritual understanding or a deeper understanding.    


At this time you tend to contradict yourself especially with your values and desires. You are asking for to different things. And one of things you don't have an easy time doing. I feel at this time you are dealing or fighting with your urges, and impulses. At this time try to stay true to your values and fight your urges because those are not who you are and you may regret decisions later 

For some of you, careful you might be going through a bit of a midlife crisis. For those of you 35-45 you can feel this energy today. So careful with your mood swings. You can expect the unexpected today this can be fun energy. Where a social event or get together can spontaneously happen. It's happy hour somewhere in the world  

Watch your emotional self today because you can be very intense. This energy can be draining to others so becareful with who you emotionally dump on today. The energy is very exciting today change is happening and it can be things changing constantly. Like you may have allot to do , you have to be quick to react appropriately to the situation. For others of you this can be a fun energy where you break up your routine and do something different 


You have stellium in your fourth house unexpected events can happen at the home or with family. For some of you this can be a pleasant surprise with this energy. You have to learn to be consistent especially when it comes to goals or what you want . You need to learn to see things all the way through and not give up.  


For some of you this energy brings about new love relationships or even new partnership. You have a good understanding on how relationships work. You give relationship advise. For some of you this energy brings positive time for taking short trips.For some of you , you can have weird experience today so enjoy the moment    


For some of you , you are dealing with the same energies from yesterday dealing with dominating people. For others of you, you do have supportive relationships. For some of you, you can expect the unexpected from others in a good way. Surprise outings can happen with this energy and for others of you getting the recognition that you need. 


For some of you this energy is about achieving your goals and making some changes either with your emotional self or with what you've been doing or not doing and applying those changes.  For some of you can be delving more into a routine, or you may have the energy to clean. For others of you try to have something to do because you can have some powerful mood swings with this energy.