Sunday, February 26, 2017



Major decisions are coming up at this time with love. For some of  you, your love life can pick and you could find yourself dating allot with this energy. For others of you the ex coming back into the picture, and being stubborn and slow to change. For others of you in love relationships currently for some of you this energy can bring major changes with love. So treat your mate kindly this week. I feel there are some turn of events coming up that are out of your hand with this energy. For some of you , I do see you trying to keep the peace or have better self control this week when dealing with others. For others of you this week can be a fabulous week or this week can ride you like a bronco on a Tuesday, like a Rhinestone Cowboy. So it's up to you this week how you want this week to be

I see some of you up for promotion this week, or this week be interviewed about your contract being up at work. I do see at this time positive talks can happen for some of you. I feel your communications skills for interviews or job interviews are very strong. For some of you, you can be a bit introverted or depress this week so watch your emotional self. I feel that money worries can come up with this energy, or custody battles can come up this week over money. For others of you , this can be you going through a recovery period and starting over in certain areas of your life. Or the start of you healing with this energy. The cards at this time are seeing some of you take it easy this week. This could be the body making you sick and making you slow down a bit more than usual. So listen to your body this week at this time.

I feel at this time you can be creating your own reality with this energy, or doing more of your own thing. I feel also this is a great week for growth with career, and for some of you this can be money incentive from career coming in this week. For others of you, your money situations seem to turn around at the last hour. For  some of you this is a time of relocation to a different state or country this week. For some of you this can be a lucky energy time with money. For some this can be a promotion or getting a job this week. For others of you this can be luck with gambling, or lucky in love with this energy. For others of you trust your intuition because it's showing you how to shift your energy and to create a better alignment so you can attract more positive situations in your life.


Your not quick to give with this energy, you could be ask to give out a loan or cosign on a loan for some one. But your not so quick to do so . Certain relationships or friendships can end because you can't get over what they done. Or you can't get over they didn't pick you and pick you over someone else. For some of you new people coming into your life and holding your hand and guiding you during this period of time. So they have a reason and purpose at this time in your life to be there. For some of you this energy of positive things flowing into your life. For others of you can be very giving and helpful to others especially with work.

You need to work on letting go and moving on from past hurts because they can be causing blockages with certain areas of your life. For some of you the world seems to work more in your favor and with what you want. This week you are very good at problem solving. You can see situations or things unfolding at this time but you may not wanting to say anything. As to not offend others or you might feel that they might get snippy with you. If they need your opinion they will ask just to play safe. For others of you , you have changes you want to make at this time these are ideas are more thought than action. For others of you, you could be feeling some kind of way because your not getting the recognition or attention that you want. At this time the universe could be teaching you humility


For some of you, you are still being dependent on others to take care of you. But you could be neglecting or not appreciative of others who do things for you. At this time show that you appreciate them this week. I do see self pity and feeling sorry for yourself. Be open to the help that is being given to you and try to work on pulling yourself out of this funk.  For others of you, you can be procrastinating with this energy , and not focus at this time. For others of you this energy brings out your creative side this week. I do see this being more of a lucky energy time for some of  you. For others of you , you could restless with this energy and feeling the need to change but it's more thought than action.

This can be a busy week for you. I feel at this time money coming in at the last minute especially if you need it. Good news with loans with this energy. For others of you this is good news with court in regards to money. I see you mastering a specific area of your life. I feel also don't be spiteful this week towards others because you could find yourself shooting your own foot this week. This week I peaceful negotiations or a great time litagations to go more in your favor. At this time with certain people or situations you might not be feeling and go more with the action of giving or being their but your heart is not in it. This is a good energy time for you in regards to business this week

At this time I see allot of thoughts and ideas coming up with this energy.For some of you having a difficult time letting go of certain people or issues. For others of you,you need to let go of guilt over a previous or a situation from years ago. People change and people can forgive with time. For some of you , you have tunnel vision with what you want. So it's difficult for you to change your mind with this energy. For others of you, you can receive spiritual messages that were only meant for you. So others wont be able to understand these messages that you are receiving. Watch your emotional self because you have trust issues with others especially with the opposite sex. For some of you , you may need to speak up once and for all .


I feel with this energy money is coming in at this time for some of you. This can be income tax, money incentive at work or even a portion or a raise. For others of you, a second source of money is coming this week. At this time you have a difficulty letting go of the past. I do see old friend or lover coming back into the picture, but your not so quick to allow this person back . For others of you new love opportunity coming in at this time. For some of you the lesson here is humility because you are looking for respect, and appreciation . You might not be receiving it so this humility you continue to do what you do out of goodness of your heart. Because you love doing what you do

At this time you can be over a situation and doing your own thing. For others of you walking a different path at this time . At this time you can be still going through trials and tribulations this week but the cards say strong. The recovery period is coming soon. Your commitment and hard work pays off for some of you. For some of you, you could find an ex of yours have moved on very quickly with this energy.  At this time their happy,be happy for them, and work on moving forward . For some of you, I see you losing a battle but quickly getting up and doing battle again.


I feel with this energy brings thoughts or plans to travel with this energy. For others of you this actual travelling going on this week for you. I do see you, love life entering or ending a cycle for better or worst. With this energy follow your hunches because they could lead to opportunities with this energy.  This week stay on message with the reality you want to create with this energy. For some of you , you are moving in a different career, or doing what you love to do with this energy.


With this energy, I see second chances and apologies coming up with this energy. For others of you careful with loaning out money because you may not get it back with this energy. For others of you lucky in love with this energy.  For others of you this energy brings about relocation but this may take some time adjusting to your new normal. For others of you adjusting to your new normal this may take awhile. For others of you change is happening with this energy and it will be out of your hand. You can be allowing more positive things to come in to your life, and even being more about your moral compass in the name of peace. You are less about your pleasure seeking ways with this energy