Tuesday, February 7, 2017


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You can have difficult with an earth sign today or those in authority or with mom and dad.Not the best day to make decisions because you jump into new situations or experience with lack of thought or caution about what could happen or is this a scam. Try to practice self control today when it comes to new opportunities or new experience. You are too much in a place of yes which can create lack of  boundaries with relationships.      

This would be a great time for growth , popularity and good news coming your way today. For some of you follow your hunches because they can lead to new opportunities. For others of you, your communications skills are strong and you make sense to others in your argument. For others of you coworkers can be leaning on you more for guidance. 


Trust your intuition today. You are very original when it comes to ideas and inventive too. For some of you this is a fun energy time for you with friends and family . For others of you this the physical of energy to get things done, or to work more on yourself. This energy does bring problems with relationships today, this can be dealing with powerstruggles. 

Trust your intuition today, for some of you, you might be receiving prophetic dreams and for others of you thoughts become things. For some of you this energy brings good news. Great energy for media or social media. For some of you , you are in a better head space to focus on your goals and dreams with this energy. Your determination is strong, and you have the green light to go after yours today 
♌ LEO 

For some of you this energy is going to release from unconscious habits. For others of you the focus is more towards your personal life.For others of you, you could be privately helping others, donating, or for some of you , you prefer to work more behind the scenes today 


The focus is more towards children, friends and lovers today. For some of you, you are more concern with what others think of you. For others of you this can bring changes with those relationships. For others of you taking those who are younger than you and treating them more like family.  


It's a bit difficult to pull the wool over your eyes today. For some of you, you can expect the unexpected with this energy. You may be hanging around other who are older than you, or can attract a new love interest in your life. For others of you, you are curious about certain people in your life. For others of you try to keep the energy humble because your do as I say not as I do    


For some of you, watch your emotional self today learn to see things all the way through. When your mind is set there is no stopping and this may not be good thing either. Careful with the decisions you make today because they deserve a second opinion. You could up and quit your job today 

Careful with this energy because you take it personally when others don't agree with you. I feel that at this time try not to give your opinion so freely because everything is cause and effect. For some of you major changes can happen today to give you more freedom in your life. For others of you, you could be sympathetic to other people's plight   


You need to watch your emotional self today. You may feel the need to be right or take on a more leadership approach to others, or you may want others to respect you. Your not going to gain others respect unless you learn to practice humility. Watch how you treat others today because you might be taking it out on others, or you can be too bossy  


Keep your thoughts positive today, your money situation is dictated by your emotions today. So this can be a fabulous day or this day can ride you like a bronco on a Tuesday , like a Rhinestone Cowboy. With this energy you can get what ever you want accomplish today as long as you put your mind to it. With this energy, you enjoy breaks in your day where your mind is allow to roam.For others of you , you do well playing in a contest, you may win 

I feel with this energy , you need to trust your feelings today. For some of you , you can feel so frustrated with delays or obstacles, know that change is just around the corner so try to go more with the flow today. Today there can be disagreements with friends or stay off the comment bar because people are going to disagree with your thoughts and opinions today