Monday, October 10, 2016




I feel with this energy, you might be able to figure out certain people and what makes them tick or how to get on their good side. For others of you, you are able to read people today. You know what others are looking for at this time. And you are able to give them what they want with this energy. Great energy for those in social media, sells , office politics, or counselors


At this time , you need to be honest with yourself, in order to get an easier grasp on what you can do right now in the present. What can you accomplish today when it comes to your goals. Also with this energy don't make promises you can't keep. You need to becareful what you say to others, because everyone seems to take what you say literally


You have a beautiful air trine today. So keep the thoughts positive with this energy.Also with this energy you need to trust your intuition because it may lead  you to some great opportunities or even some lucky opportunities. You are very creative wtih this energy. For some of you delving more into your hobbies with this energy. Or focusing more on younger people around or your children.  


Remember to speak up today when it comes to getting what you want with this energy. Patience is needed today especially when it comes to getting what you want. There can be some Katty energy with others but try not to take it personal. Jupiter is in Libra making everyone a bit more sensitive with this energy.  

I feel with this energy, there can be some restrictions. Or you might feel like others are blocking you from doing what you want to do. Watch your temper with this energy because you can be very passionate about what you want. I also feel with this energy, you might be hearing about some good gossip that can be a game changer with certain situations in your life.


You have a beautiful air trine today. So try to keep your thoughts positive or delve more into metaphysics today. Your ideas can be turned into things today. For some of you , you have a bunch of fun creative ideas to delve into. For others of you, you are more in control over a specific situation going in your life.


Lady luck is on your side today. Play lotto win $5 dollar ticket with this energy. Make those birthday wishes, who knows they just may come true today. This is a fun energy time for you , in regards to socializing and spending time with loved ones. For some of you already making plans for the weekend.


I feel with this energy,you have an opportunity to be very creative and think outside the box with this energy. Also with this energy, if your day is to routine for you, you may go ahead and switch it, and do something a bit more different or out of your routine. This is a beautiful energy to manifest what you want into your life


Good news can come your way today. I feel this is a positive time for compromise and negotiations. For others of you, you are making some emotional difficulty choices today. It's best to get a second opinion before moving forward. I feel certain situations require you to be all in or don't be involved at all.Your either doing this or your not . You might have a difficult time making decisions today, try to get a second opinion


Great energy for business or career with this energy.  I feel for some of you , you are in such good spirits that you intrigue your past a bit. By reaching out and being the first to apologize or willing to talk to some people from your past. Today watch your emotional self, because as quickly as money is coming in , it's going. You might feel confident about your money situation but still watch your spending. Because your not a happy camper when your broke


Keep it positive with this energy, or at least peace . What ever energy you are putting out , you are attracting back, so watch your thoughts. I feel with this energy, you might have the best advice to give. Because you are able to see very clearly into other people situations. But don't be surprise if they just want to dump on and not listen. So try to set boundaries with those that want to emotional dump on you. It just means that they aren't ready to move on

 I feel with this energy, you are able to see where some people might be taking advantage of you. For others of you , obstacles are in your way at the present. But than at the last hour, things just seem to work themselves out, by a stroke of luck.You can be very creative wtih problem solving or getting yourself out in situations. You do well with strategizing and making plans today