Monday, October 24, 2016


Tonight prayer session at 10pm EST to connect with the energy of the week


Not the best day for news, especially when it comes to things going your way. I feel at this time change is happening and not on your terms. I feel at this time , things may seem out of your control. Everyone may not be on board with your idea. This energy ask you to adapt and compromise with others today. Also watch how you treat or talk to others because you could be a bit demanding


Watch your emotional self today, it's dealing with control issues and feelings of being restricted. Also try not to be this towards others at this time. I feel at this your feeling the pressure with some deadlines, court, debt or government papers.  Try to relax a bit with this energy, because it doesn't help your situation to feel anixietish. Especially when things are out of your hands.


Money problems and worries can be on the mind today. For some of you business is slow, so this is a time to delve more into spirituality or the law of attraction. Take your mind off of lack because you'll get more of what you don't want. Focus on things that make you happy. With this energy, you need to becareful how you treat others. You get more with honey than you do with spit and vinegar.


Watch your emotional self, time to slow down today. Focus on the people around you and give them a bit of your time. You can 't push things through today , all you can do at this time is control you, and what's going on around you.  Try to stay out of your , head because you may feel stuck in your situations. For others of you, this energy turns situations in your life around very quickly for better or for worst


You have a beautiful earth trine today. This would be a great day to delve more into certainty and to delve more into your faith. Ask and you shall receive today. If you have an idea , you take action with this energy. If you set your mind to do it today chances are it's done. You have a hands on approach to your life today. For some of you this energy brings new experiences


Becareful with being manipulative today with this energy, or you can be dealing with a manipulative individual with this energy. Also try to focus on your work and what you are doing because you could be jealous. Or some one else is jealous of you. Some major power tripping moments can happen so try to keep it humble with this energy. I feel you just want to be respected and it could be others not taking you serious which has you feeling all sorts of way


This is a great energy to trust your intuition , and delve into metaphysics with this energy. Also with this energy, this could be updating yourself with your career, or learning about the latest in gadgets with this energy. For some of you , you can be making plans to travel or taking short weekend getaways


Watch your emotional self today. Thoughts of the past or talks of the past are coming up with this energy. You could be thinking about one particular person in your life. Also Jupiter is conjunct with part of fortune , thoughts become things with this energy, so keep it positive.


There can be some major decisions coming up today. For some of you  making some career decisions for others of you this could be in regards to a move. With this energy you could have problems with the mouth. Also with this energy, you can't keep a secret and you might be saying way to much with this energy. For others of you , you might be more into your feelings so this could emotionally be a difficult time for you so stay out of your head


I feel at this time frustrations or things that you have not been talking about our going to come out today. This isn't going to be pretty. At this time try to talk out your feelings to others instead of acting like everything is okay when its not.   With this energy, you could also be dealing with control issues with your relationships. Instead of running away stay and fake that you are having a good time. Because sometimes you have to own your space with others


With this energy expect the unexpect today in communications for better or for worst.At this time, you can be obsessed with certain people or situations. For some of you, you can be fixated on others and creeping on their pages. For others of you , you need to learn to let go of people or situations that are not healthy for you. Watch your emotional self today, because you really read into what's not being said and this could drive you crazy


You are wanting more of your friend or your space with this energy. You can be withdrawn and a bit more in your head. You can be snappy at others because you want your space. At this time, it would be a great time to delve into meditation to kind of center your energy. You'll be amaze at what five minutes of meditation can do for you. At this time, your not willing to listen to others, so it's difficult for you to see other people's point of view. Because you are more about your needs. Watch yoru emotional self today.