Tuesday, October 25, 2016


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Watch what you say to others , because you can become overly critical of other people's work, or a bit nit picky with them. With this energy your nurturing  and generous side comes out. But just make sure your helping for the sake of helping. Others may rely or lean on you a bit more than usual today. It feels like you are almost holding someones hand through a situations


With this energy, you are going to get the ball rolling in certain areas of your life. Especially in regards to starting over or this energy is the start of new beginnings, and new chapters in your life. For others of you, you are in a better head space and feeling like you have more control over your life. For some of you, you set into action with what you want


 Expect the unexpected today. I feel for some of you, it's a feeling of what did I get myself into. So make sure you think about your situation before jumping in. With this moon energy opportunities to change , start a new chapter in your life, or to continue on with your journey come from friends, group organization,or with career. For some of you , you take on more responsibilities or more of a leadership role in your life or more of an initiative to gain control over your life.  


I feel with this energy some deep rooted feelings or past hurts are going to try to come up that you don't want to acknowledge or think about. So it comes out as you being over reactive, because you don't want to acknowledge those feelings, or stop to acknowledge your feelings. Slow down today to acknowledge your feelings. And try to be sympathetic towards others and put yourself in their shoes today


You are more present in your life today. You are participating and excited about the changes you are making today. You are more proactive when it comes to getting what you want or saying whats on your mind. You are very creative . For some of you , you are delving more into what you like, and into your hobbies. You might be out and about and connecting with friends more today


I feel with this energy , you can be very focus with your job, things that you've been putting off, or delving more into your wellbeing with this energy. For others of you, this is a dealing with powerstruggles today and wanting to do things your way and not listening to others. For some of you , you could be feeling vulnerable because of certain situations, or you might be a bit more to yourself today. For others of you, you could be dealing with someone who is not communicating with you  this time


Put your filter on or restraints you are in good spirits for some of you. You might be making some bad decisions because it feels right at this time. Just because it feels right and your in the moment don't make it right, so check yourself today.Get that second opinion


At this time, you don't like needy people or people relying on you for everything , and it could feel like that today. For others of you, you could be trying to fix someone's problem when all they want to do is emotional dump on you. Or you might be feeling like your carrying the relationship, so watch your emotional self today


Today you might be creeping on other people's profile by creating fake accounts just to see  what's going on with them. Or you might be digging for information or for the truth with this energy. You can be very fixated on certain people or situations today. So careful with this energy, because it's unhealthy and accomplishes nothing but temporarily satisfying the ego.For others of you , you could have a fun time with your intuition , and this can be energy where you are more organized and getting things done. For others of you, you could be feeling a bit ambitious, or feeling like you are on top of things. Others of you, you could be privi to some good information or some good gossip


You are more focus on yourself and your career wtih this energy. For some of you starting a new chapter in your life. For others of you, getting a second a job with this energy. This is a great time to receive good news with this energy. There can be allot of positive conversation happening in regards to future and what you want. For those of you looking for a job , you could be hearing some callbacks. This is a good time for business and career,MONEY FLOWS


For some of you, change with your money situation is coming up for better or worst so keep it positive. At this time, you need to becareful what you say to others with this energy. You are either refusing to divulge important information or some one is hiding something. I feel that miscommunication and not enough empathy towards other people's situation. Is going to cause problems with this energy. You are more towards your thoughts and feelings and can seem a bit withdrawn from others.      


With this energy, you have a more of a fire under your butt or you having some to prove today. For some of you, you need to cock those brains before you shoot that mouth .Or you may have your guard up today and keeping a bit more to yourself, and not really communicating your feelings. Becareful with this energy because it can cause depression or make you a bit paranoid.