Wednesday, October 5, 2016



Moon conjunct with Saturn in Sagittarius, you may take what others say to you personally with this energy. This could be because your allowing your personal problems affect all aspect of your life. Somethings that are coming up , are more of a reality check or things you need to focus on , and get them resolve.I feel also with this energy, you need to learn to be patient


Try to bend and compromise with this energy. You don't like to be controlled or feel helpless in a situation so this might affect other areas of your day. Because you are carrying this energy with you. For some of you , you need to be flexible because you are stuck in your way of thinking. Or your allowing one little problem to affect you,;making it into one big problem.


I feel with this energy, expected opportunities can happen when you lest expected. Or friends come through for you at the  last. Do try to keep your schedule open today, because you may be ask to go out or be involved in a random get together.  Or the ex can come back for some of you, or people from your past may reach out to you today


I feel with this energy, you are very focus on work and business. For some of you , you might be more focus on getting things done. The idle mind is the devil time today. So try to keep busy with this energy. Or else you are going to have a rough time with your emotional self. I feel also for some of you can be tough on yourself so try to relax


Great energy for entertainers or artist. You can be very creative with this energy, and be inspired by Halloween or social events coming up for you.  I feel with this energy, you are very sentimental and might be creating or going out of your way for your children or grandchildren. For others of you, you enjoy fun conversation with those who are younger than you


I feel with this energy, if you have nothing nice to say today just stay quiet. Others may not agree with your opinion and may start petty fights with you over it. Stay off the comment bar today because it's going to seem like everyone wants to argue.Because not everyone can understand your way of thinking. You do feel restless with this energy, so try to throw this energy into something constructive.


Careful with what you here and repeat today, yes with the gossip. Because you might be misinformed and it may come back to bite you. You are very busy with the social life with this energy, but do watch your emotional self try to keep the energy positive. Because this would be a good day for as above so below.


I feel with this energy, there are opportunities for secret rendezvous or even office romance that might be on the down low, the opportunity does present it, itself. For others of you, you might be at a yellow light ready to turn green with certain ideas that you might initiate today, Might being the key word.  


The moon in your sign, forming a T-square. For some of you , you have lessons to learn with others with this energy. For some of you, this can be past life and it's time to pay your debts with others. Watch how you act at work or what you do to others. You benefit from this energy, when you help others with their problems with this energy. Also for some of you, you might feel inspired to make some changes, or move forward with a project, you've been thinking about


This energy brings sparks of miracles to some cappies today, you might be more focus on career or business.  So family might be asking or nagging for your attention. So break your ego and spend time with others and be in the moment to create balance with your emotional being. Also you may feel like staying more to yourself today , which is fine but it may create anxiety so be in the present


Your money situation is turning around for the better, what was stolen from you is now coming back to you. For others it's getting resolved and figured out but not coming back to you. Instead you get to make the changes that you need to make. Also past life karma with this person or situation is being repaid so it's done.Neptune in your second house is highlighted. So try to tap into faith consciousness today and watch your thoughts because they will become things.


Keep it positive today, surprises and turn of events can happen out of no where with this energy.  For some of you , things have a way of working themselves out. Pay attention to the situations that upset you today, because it's trying to tell you that you need to change. Or you need to start acknowledging what you are doing in a situation. Lesson come up  today, in order for you to grow and change for the better