Sunday, October 23, 2016

Tarotscopes for the week of October 24,2016 by Marie Moore


This is a great energy week for people to help whether it be with court, mediators or partners. You benefit through others with this energy. I feel at this time you need to see the bigger picture instead of seeing things with your emotions . Because I see allot of self pity. For some of you this is love coming into your life or love being the focus.  I feel for some of already in a relationship , you are going to see people's loyalty come through for you. I feel also with this energy, your way of thinking is going to change with certain situations. For others of you , you are doing your own thing and don't care what other think.


Careful with this energy, this can be a fabulous week , or this week can ride you like a pony, like a Rhinestone Cowboy. I see at this time , you are getting your way with situations with others. Or your money situation is getting better because emotionally you are in a good place. The world or your reality works for your benefit so just keep it positive with what you want. Also at this time, you are keeping more to yourself . This could be from a break or this could be from a fight you had with someone. You are refusing to be the first one to apologize. The cards wants you to know. That you are exonerated from a tragic event but it doesn't take the pain away from it. But it wasn't your fault


Try to stay out of your feelings this week , if you can . Remember everything is cause  and effect; I see you guys making some major decisions based on your emotional self. For some of you this quitting your job because you feel stuck and feel that you need to change because your bored. For others of you bored in a relationship and looking for something new.  For others of you , you have allot of decisions or indecisions that are up in the air at this time. For some of you, you have a green light on a project that you want to do or changes that you want to make. I feel for others of you this is dealing with legal decisions. Just remember the decisions you make , it doesn't only affect you.


I see at this time confrontations happening so keep your receipts aka emails and text messages. Stay out of the gossip and make sure you keep track of your paper work. I do see someone throwing you under the bus. I do see your way of thinking about certain things is going to change this week . I feel it's going to be about certain friends , who you thought had your back . Could have you making a double take on the situations. I feel for others , if it seems to good to be true , it probably is with this energy. I feel opportunities to grow are happening at work but you might be thinking about. I feel at this time you need to becareful with pushing others. Because it's not going to get what you want any faster. So at this time try to be patient and try to respect other people's boundaries.


As I shuffle , I feel for some of you, you are creating allot of blockages.You aren't dropping your gaurd and keeping secrets from others for some of you. I feel with this energy, you are creating a more positive environment for yourself. You want peace and happiness with this energy. Trying everything in your power to create it or get it. I feel with this energy, it's time to work on letting go of past hurts, and learn to trust others. Because you are really in your feelings but at the sametime you want happiness. So focus on you , and your well being this week. I feel for others of you this energy brings about positive changes coming  into your life


Major decisions are coming in regards to close relationships. I feel this is going to be in regards to someone younger than you especially the younger men in your life or your children. I feel that their way of thinking is a bit immature and you are having a difficult time to relate to them . For others of you , major decisions are coming up with the ex or a new love interest coming in. But you might be a bit cautious when allowing others back or you might be thinking about reaching out to them. I feel at this time, for some of you this is an addictive relationship. So the other person aka the ex is going to allow you back into your life. For others of you this can be a new person coming that you may have a deep emotional connection with. For some of you, I feel that you need to trust your intuition at this time especially in regards to other people


You need to watch your emotional self this week because you may take things way to seriously. I do see confrontations because of the way you are talking to others. I feel also certain parts of your life may seem a bit competitive at this time be patient with this energy. Also you can be alienating certain people in your life because you seem to be a bit passive aggressive with this energy. This is a beautiful time for growth with career, and for  new love relationships. Or current love relationship is becoming a bit more fun. I feel also there is something life altering a happening for the better. This could be a pregnancy for some of you, or for others more money coming into life.  Or something that you've been banking on happening.


The world works in your favor this week. I feel this is a great time for partnerships or contracts with this energy. Major turn of events are happening for better or worst for some of you. I see peaceful outcome happening that will benefit you for a long period of time. I see travelling or moving to a different state or country is happening for some of you. For some of you, you are moving either for career purposes or for love at this time. I feel also the changes that are coming up maybe abit difficult . For others of you this is relocation that might be difficult for you. I feel also at this time, you may have a lot of thoughts and ideas up in the air. That are going to need adjustment when jumping into new situations


This energy brings about endings and new beginnings coming up for you. I feel good news comes your way because of the help you received from others. For others people in your life especially at work help you to grow with your business or career. Plans that you have may work about better than you have planned.  I do see loneliness and being more to yourself is coming up at this time. For some of you feeling lonely but this was cause by your hand. So it can also be undone if you choose. For others of you , you may have buyer's remorse this week so careful with your spending. I feel also with this energy, you have a difficult time relying on others. Especially certain people in your life , you have a difficult time relying on or trust. For some of you this is calling out your favors with this energy.


You have allot of people in your cards this week. I feel for some of you this is in regards to court , reviews, or negotiations at this time. I feel you need to assert yourself and speak if you are to get your way with certain situations. I feel that there is someone who is jealous of you or childish in their way of thinking. I see this can create some arguments or debates that have no point to go on. I feel for others of you , questioning certain people's loyalty to you. I feel at this time confrontation comes from not explaining yourself and assuming that the other person knows what you want.  I feel also  new experiences are happening but because others are bringing to you new opportunities.


With this energy, it brings relief either financial relief or good news that you've been wanting here is coming this week. I feel this good news or relief is going to give a greater appreciation for things. I see also some of you need to listen to the advice given to you this week. But you may turn away from this advice because it's free. Sometimes free advice is the best advice , so be open to listening. I do see you being stuck in your ways of thinking about certain situations. So for some of this energy brings about lessons. This is a great energy time for artist or those of you in social media. I feel with this energy, you are a person who is an example in many people's lives. With this energy, I feel that you are being guided by your intuition .


In the cards you need to keep it positive and watch your emotional self. You are worrying over situations that haven't come to fruition. So at this time you are putting allot of negative energy on to those situations that you want to happen. For some of you  keep it positive in regards to court, paper with the government, or with litigations. I do see things going your way this week in those matters. For some of you , this is a fun energy time dating. I do see the ex coming back for some of you. In regards to business your consistency and hard work pays off. I do see for allot of you helping others to reach their goals this week. I feel if you delve into faith or the law of attraction, or even seeds you planted in the past. I see some of you getting exactly what you wanted