Monday, October 17, 2016


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Moon moves into your third house, you are very talkative with this energy, and say what ever comes to your mind. Try to cock those brains before you shoot that mouth. Because you tell like it is with out any sugar added. Other people might get offended..For some of you , you might check out with this energy. Because reality of situations are to real, at this time try to confront or work on the problem


The mind on the money and the money on the mind. With this energy, you have a difficult time letting go with certain situations or people in your life.Certain areas of your life are highlighted. Because these are the areas of your life that you need to confront and take care of . Instead of avoiding


Change is happening today, so try to go more with the flow this is for better or worst. Turn of events can happen in your life more towards your favor. For some of you try to see the blessing in the situation. With this energy, this is a good time to keep the energy positive. For some of you the focus is more towards children or love relationships


Today try to own your part in a situation because you might be playing the victim towards a situation that you perpetuated.With this energy there can be powerstruggles with certain situations in your life. At this time try to keep a low profile with certain people in your life just to create more peace of mind for you


You have to allow others to make mistakes. You could be a listening ear and not know it. Try to listen to what the other person is saying because they may just want to talk for the sake of talking. You can take things that others say a bit too personally. Which can cause some endings to some of your relationships. Try to take what other people say like water to a ducks back and let it roll off


Power Struggles with family members can happen with this energy. You could feel stuck in your situation at this time. Try to find something you love to do and focus on that .Focus more on your peace of mind. Instead of what's not going or happening in your life right now.


Make those birthday wishes today. For some of you, you might have to acknowledge or confront some issues in regards to health, or start making some necessary changes in your life, because these issues can be causing your stress. Major in the home and personal life can happen today


You could be more in your head at this time. Your thoughts could be a bit off which may have others giving you the side eye. Also with this energy, circumstances in your life may come into focus. Try to stay on the right side of the law for some of you. For others of you having to face certain areas of your life. That are calling for adjustments or for you to be a bit more flexible


Some major turn of events can happen today for better or worst with this energy. Try to protect your personal belongings and identity. For some of you , your situation is going to change very fast. For others of you , you can be very opinionated about things, so try to cock those brains before you shoot that mouth off.


This can be a frustrating energy, because you are more of an observer and you don't speak till last minute. For others of you, you feel disrespected with this energy. Try to let it go because thats part of ego . The need to be respected. Stay grounded with this energy meaning stay in present. If others don't want to listen to you let them fall on their face , it's not your problem


The lesson here for change , if your going to be an example for others, you need to learn consistency. Not just talk the talk but follow it as well.  Also for some of you, you could be doing one thing or saying another. I feel also at this time , you might feel like others are bossing you around. Or you may feel restricted at this time in your situation


This is a great time for those of you in social media or with the arts. Your receiving allot of recognition and attention for your work. Now Pallas is forming an air trine today. So this would be a good time for thoughts to become things. So keep it positive with the thoughts. This is a great time for research or digging up the truth. For others of you , you see your direction a bit more clearly.