Sunday, October 30, 2016



New beginnings are coming up with this energy. I feel for some of you , this can be in regards to career changes, or closing one door and opening another. for others of you , I see a second source of income or finding a job this week . I feel with this energy, also you do well with partnerships in general or you benefit from the women in your life. I feel for others of you an ex is coming back into the picture. But I feel at this time, you don't know what you want from this person or what to do. But it's not over with this person because you still have an emotional connection with this person. I feel with this energy, you are very convincing when it comes to arguments with this energy.


Relationships are the focus this week, and they can be tricky and fragile because you both are stuck in your ways of thinking. I do see you trying and trying to remain more in the present. I feel also that you are around a manipulative person. At this time , try not to get talked into changing your mind, stick to your guns. I feel for some of you, you need to becareful who you affiliate yourself with , because this could be a rougher crowd. You are being naive of their ways. This could get you trouble eventually. I feel for some of you , when it comes to love relationships. You may leave your stable relationship and trade it in for that bad boy or naughty girl. I also feel with this energy, you do well working with a partner or in a team


With this energy, it brings about unexpected events in your life so just be prepared for the unexpected. For some of you, you shouldn't allow to bother so much . This could be other people's drama happening to them. For some of you, you can look for creative inspiration to lead you in the right direction. I feel for some of you, this can be a fun energy time. For others of you this energy brings about positive new experiences or turn events that you would never expected. This could bring out your inner child.Also this energy, does bring about good news coming your way this week. Try to go more with the flow because I also see some of you being more in your head. Staring at one problem in your life instead of looking at all the good in your life


For some of you I see a smooth transition coming along with change. This can be a transfer from career to another part of the company , or this can be a smooth transition with love. You have a positive horoscopes this week. I do see you getting what you want, and there is a quick route to it as well. You are in a better head space this week. I feel that the men in your life just want what's best for you. So they could be dictating on what you should or should not do with this energy. I feel also new love opportunities do present themselves to you. But watch for redflags because this person is set in their ways of doing thing, or has a very immature way of thinking.


I see good news coming in regards to court, career or with business. I do see for some of you, quitting your job or breaking a relationship and it's going to be like a divorce. I feel this could be divorcing certain family members. It just feels like a divorce because there is or was emotional attachments to the career or to certain family members. I do see you breaking away from a group. I feel at this time , you are very convincing when comes to getting your way. At this time , you are about your happiness and creating your own reality. So if this means you have to do with out some people in your life, so be it. You are making this week more about you. The cards do show that some relationships in your life can be toxic or self destructive. These are lessons or karmic lessons you have to learn with that person


Major changes are happening to you this week. I do see you leaving a situation or people in your life. Not wanting anything to do with them or him. I feel this is a time of moving forward for you and starting new. You might even be deleting people from your social media or deleting pictures from social media pages. Kind of a way of making a fresh start with certain things or areas of your life. I do see a permanent situation transpiring , and this has to take place. Because it's really out of your hands. I feel that you are not the only one suffering this loss so try to make it about others too. For others of you either physical relocation is happening or this can be major changes that you are doing for the self. At this time change or relocation maybe difficult for you


Major decisions are coming in regards to love relationships or partnerships. I feel for some of you, the world works more to help you out or more in your favor this week . I feel you are in a better headspace this week and have a great amount of self control. You have good news or great talks about some exciting things at this time. So there can be lots of thoughts of future, future.  Than for others of you, you have allot of things you want to do that are up in the air. This is a great time for court or for negotiations they seem to work more in your favor. I feel for some of you , the ball is in your court. For others of you , your money situation is doing well which is making feel good about yourself. For others you maybe put in a leadership position in regards to court.


I do see a strong bond with this energy , but I feel that one is dependent on the other, and this could be financially. I feel also that some relationships in your life are easy come and easy go . I feel with this energy, it brings out new love opportunities for you especially serious love relationships can form this week. For others of you , you are in a better headspace this week. For others this energy brings about endings and new beginnings coming your way. I feel with this energy, don't rest on your achievements or your temporary success. Continue to help yourself advance and continue to learn .For some of you , a relationship either love or friendship is coming back into your life. I feel you two have a strong bond and it's not over yet, second, third , or fourth chances present themselves this week


Signals of love and affection. You victory over loneliness will be a matter of the heart for sure.I see you not taking responsibility for a break up and the cards are acknowledging that this love is not worth fighting for .I see a smooth transition happening this week; if not a big turn of events happening. I do see things getting better for you with this energy, so it's looking more in your favor. I also see your confident energy is up. You could be setting out on your own and adulting a bit more for some of you. For others of you this is creating your reality this week. Either way you feel confident and empowered with this energy. For some of you, you need to pull out your receipts because some can be throwing your name in the mud, or you might be involved in a scandal.


This is looking like a beautiful energy time for you. I feel that your emotional self can ruin some of that good energy . Because of your emotional hang ups and past issues with love relationships. So try to let go of them at this time. I see an exciting source of income coming in; for some of you this could be a second job, or a new job with this energy. I do see love opportunities coming up this week but this person could be stuck in their ways. I do see some of you bored in your routine so do try to take initiative and do something different this week. For some of you this could be with love. At this time , you have to take initiative and make it interesting this week. Instead of waiting for the other person to make it interesting.


I feel with this energy, you need to let go of past hurts, because they don't represent where you are now. For others of you , you need to speak up once and for all. I see some one in your life that is intimidating to you and you may not always speak up or take a stand with this person . But you do need to create boundaries with this person. I feel also this week, careful with small investments, or money opportunities because they may be to  good to be true. They maybe more of lesson than a blessing for you. I do see some much needed wins or things going your way this week. I do see some good news coming up for you.


I feel with this energy, either you are putting asides your dreams and aspirations or some one else is to help you to grow. I feel this week your money situations is going to get better with this energy.  Put your personality in your work because that is whats going to make you stand out . I feel with this energy, you benefit through partnerships in general . I feel for others of you this is a time of growth through relationships. Like I said you benefit with partnerships or emotional support to help you grow at this time. For some of you, this energy can be a confusing time for you. Because your emotional values of what you want or desire is changing. Especially with love relationships at this time, you are able to see what you do and don't want in a relationship. I feel for others of you , you could be turning hobbies into careers.