Tuesday, October 11, 2016



Moon in emotional Pisces today in your 12th house. I feel with this energy, you may not make any decisions today because you don't want to commit yourself to anything. I feel also with this energy, that you have an all or nothing attitude with certain things in your life. Especially when it comes to love relationships, you have it's my way or the highway kind of attitude.


Watch your emotional self today because you are impulsive, and your not thinking. You can be a bit depress with this energy. So try to be a bit more productive and staying grounded with this energy. Meaning stay in the positive with the things you like to do. With this energy, friends and family are there for you when you call on them. They do show loyalty to you with this energy


With this energy careful with bending over backwards for others because you might feel used with this energy. Also with this energy, you might be a bit lazy with health or a bit more indulgent with your bad habits with this energy. Self discipline is asked for if your trying to watch your waist line


I feel with this energy, you need to understand your place in certain relationships . Because you might feel you have a big involvement in a situation, or you were a big part in someone growth when you really weren't. Today try to distinguish between the facts and reality and what isn't


Money issues can come up at this time, in order to do one thing you have to give up another, so this can be  a bit of a mental trip for some of you. I feel for others of you, you are able to see where the blockages in your life lies. What you need to do in order to change, but are you ready for change?


You get along better with others when your being passive, instead of interacting with them. Some people might be baiting you into a fight, just so they can prove they are right. It's best to disengage from negative people and be more about your peace of mind and good energy. Not the easiest energy, pay attention to what you need to work on


Watch your emotional self today, you might come off as a bit needy to others. Because you need assurance either with new love relationships or certain things that you want to come to fruition. Try to work on staying in the present and allowing the person or situation in your life to respond back. Don't be in the way of Jupiter good energy stay in the present and out of your head


Watch your emotional self  Pluto is forming a T-square with your 3,6,12th house. This things that are being uncover that you may not like. If you go looking for the truth than you bound to dig something up . For others of you , your way of thinking about certain situations is going to change. With deep emotional transformations come enlightenment. For some of you , this is the straw that broke the camel's back


At this time you are being asked to face facts with certain situations that you don't want to face or deal with today. I feel also at this time, your not communicating your feelings or your real feelings to others. This can send allot of mix signals or mix messages. You are saying one thing but doing another


Major changes are happening today. For some of you this is a move changes with the physical or changes with the family dynamic can happen with this energy. Watch your emotional self because what ever area of your life that you need to acknowledge and change. Pluto is going to show you today


You need to stay out of your head and not intrigue your conversation in your head. Remember everything is cause and effect with this energy. This is not the best day to make decisions , and you are very passionate about having things your way.  Use this energy into constructive things like: work, exercises and raking leaves. Because your mind can feel like it's everywhere. Please take advantage of the ninth house energy and turn on some law attraction videos on the youtube.  


Changes with your relationships or your circumstances can happen today for better or worst. I feel that at this time things that weren't seen are going to be revealed to do. You may start questioning certain friendships . Be Careful with the choices you make because you make rash decisions at this time. So try to get a second opinion before jumping into something new.